11-Year-Old Ohio Girl Who Was ‘Very Active in Church’ Died in Car Crash on Her Way Home

Lillian Michelle Higgins, also known as (Poteet-Davis) was a promising young girl. She had a host of talents and enjoyed many activities, but her chances of growing into a woman were crushed following a car crash that claimed her life.


The Higgins family never thought they would lose their oldest daughter. She was active, full of life, and had a warm smile that could light up the darkest room.

Lillian’s death was unexpected as she was not sick nor diagnosed with a deadly illness. Sadly, what claimed the young girl’s life was an accident involving the whole family.

The Unfortunate Incident That Killed a Promising Child

About a week ago, a family in Ohio, including a couple and their two daughters, Lillian and Annabelle, were involved in a car accident.

Following Lilian’s death, Kasey Jamison, a family friend, opened a gofundme account in her honor to cater for all the funeral arrangements. So far, about one hundred and seventy-two people have donated $15,218.

This tragic event led to the death of 11-year-old Lillian while her other family members sustained severe injuries. Following the accident, the victims were rushed to the hospital, and on October 9, Lillian was confirmed dead.


Lillian’s Unmatched Personality

Ashley and Corey welcomed their first daughter Lillian Alliance, in Ohio, on May 13, 2011. She grew to become a sweet and brilliant child.

Even though she was only a 6th grader, she had mastered numerous skills and had intellectually grown beyond her years.

Lillian was also a very accommodating older sister. She engaged in storytelling and drawing and was good at making different arts and crafts with Annabelle.

The 11-year-old knew how to ride a bike and loved fishing, dancing, and swimming. She was also adventurous. At her age, she already liked going on hikes and was involved in martial arts; the young lad trained in Black Bird Fitness in Massillon, where she obtained her orange belt.

Apart from her burst of talent, Lillian inherited her passion for animals from her mom and loved nature, like her dad. She also loved helping people around her in any way she could.

It did not matter if she needed to tell jokes or break her face into a smile; Lillian would always go out of her way to bring joy to anyone she came across.

The Ohio preteen was also a burst of energy and very active in both her school and church. Lillian participated in various activities in Bunker Hill UMC, the family’s church; she was also a part of her school choir.

Funeral Arrangements

Lillian left behind her loving parents and a baby sister, Annabelle. But, according to the deets on My Valley Trubute.com, she is survived by:

“Grandparents, Jacky Poteet, Darla Higgins, and Dirk Ritchie; great-grandparents, Troy and Jayne Donaldson and Chuck Puckett; great-great-grandmother, Evelyn Summers; great-aunt, Joni Jefferys; aunts, Astoria and Alea Poteet, Brea, Erica and Jessie Davis and Alisa Higgins; uncles, Addison and Alex Poteet and Edward (Bridget) Rohr and many other extended family members.”


The Higgins family scheduled Lillian’s funeral for October 15, 2022, at the Gednetz-Ruzek-Brown Funeral Home in Sebring. The family has made provisions for other loved ones, close friends, and strangers to send their condolences.

Donations and Kind Words from Everyone

Following Lilian’s death, Kasey Jamison, a family friend, opened a GoFundMe account in her honor to cater for all the funeral arrangements. So far, about one hundred and seventy-two people have donated $15,218.

Jamison also shared a Facebook post about Lillian, talking about how much of a big personality the little lady had and the memories created. She also asked for prayers from well-wishers. Her words read:

“My heart breaks for my dear friend Astoria Poteet’s “family. Lilly was the sweetest girl, with creativity and the biggest personality. I’ll never forget playing Just Dance together during Christmas time. Unfortunately, a beautiful and innocent soul was taken far too soon. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers, and consider donating if you can.”

Lilian’s aunt, Astoria Poteet, also poured out her grieving heart in a nerve-wracking Facebook post. Poteet shared her moments with her niece via photos and added heart-melting words, stating how painful it felt to lose the 11-year-old.

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Two days ago, the girl’s mom uploaded a sweet photo of heaven’s newest angel. Lillian was seen posing in a blue v-neck top framed with a grey jacket.

Many Facebook users sympathized with Ashley; their comments were filled with words of encouragement and prayers.

“No words can measure up to what you are feeling right now. I’m so sorry, Ashley. I’m praying for you always.”
-(Molly Conser) October 11, 2022

“I’m so sorry to hear this. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.”
-(Sabrina Gates) October 11, 2022

“So sorry Ashley, I can’t imagine what you and Corey feel. Hugs and love to all of you.”
-(Virginia Hudachek) October 11, 2022

It’s heartbreaking to lose the ones we love, especially for parents who would have anticipated the brightest future for their offspring. We send light and love to the Higgins as they hang on during such a difficult time.


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