16 Items That Cost A Pretty Penny Despite Being Cheaply Made

We all know that the vast majority of companies in this world worship nothing more than the almighty dollar. Sure, they give back to the community when its in their best interest, and they give us “deals” from time-to-time, but the prices on their items have far more to do with what people will pay than what they’re actually worth.

If you need some examples (and things to avoid in the future), here are 16 items that are far, far cheaper to make than what the price tag might suggest.

16. The cheap stuff works just as well.


Costs manufacturers pennies to make, and the government makes the biggest cut.

15. You’re paying for the label.

Most luxury brands with huge obvious logos on them.

14. And they’re probably made by children.

Those $350 Nikes cost maximum 20 bucks to make, shipping included.

Oh, and the 15 hundred dollar ones also cost about 20 bucks to make.

13. All prescription eyedrops are ridiculous.

Glaucoma eyedrops – about $379 for a tiny bottle of the prescription treatment.

you could fly to a country like India and get a bunch of bottles (same if not better quality) and fly back and it would save you money (would have to be like a dozen or more but you get the point)

12. The placebo effect.

Homeopathic pills.

There is nothing in it, no money used for clinical trials. Sold for around 7- 10 euros per box.

11. This should be illegal.


It’s criminal how much they charge compared to the manufacturing costs.

10. A tourist trap.


We make them often at home here in France. 250g of flour, two eggs some milk, maybe butter, you get 25 crepes for what, 4 euros of groceries. Some street foods in Paris or other big cities will sell them 4 or 5 euros sometimes. And they buy the ingredients in big bulks at cheaper prices so they make an even bigger margin.

They make 100 euros of crêpes for 3 euros of batter and add the toppings, let’s say 7 euros for a pot of nutella, sugar and lemon or whatever. 100 euros for 10 euros. Stonks.

It’s well known by people who work in restaurants in France that crêpes are highly profitable.

9. It’s funny because it’s true.


Both adopting and buying a baby on the black market takes serious money.

The biggest cost associated with a baby is the ongoing maintenance costs.

8. Just spring for the Bose.

Beats headphones cost $17.00 to make, and are sold for $100 – $500

That’s insane

If you want a better suggestion , my skullcandy hesh 3’s sound 3x better than my old beats, at only $100. I have a fairly large head, and having the headphones be able to stretch to fit is very important, and these work perfectly for that.

7. This is pretty interesting.

Volkswagen ignition cylinders.

When I worked at Vw, we had to constantly order ignition switches because either they are cheaply designed or cheaply made. So when we would place the order from Volkswagen North America, it gets shipped directly from the manufacturer (either Huf or Valeo). And they would include the invoice in the box.

Well, Vw would charge the dealerships $99.95 and set MSRP at 129.95. The invoice from the manufacturer to Vw, showed cost to Vw being $14.95

6. What if it’s pink, though.

Himalayan Salt – in Pakistan, we get that shit in like 0.20 cents but I’ve heard it being expensive in UK & US.

5. Robbery. I knew it.

Most fast fashion.

A pair of jeans that costs $4 to produce but costs $40 for you to buy is a 1000% markup.

4. Someone is always looking to make a buck.

Face masks.

I would imagine it doesn’t take much to make 15 of them, and with the virus, they have jacked the price up.

3. A total con job.


Natural diamonds are made for free in nature and harvested using slave labor. Lab created diamonds still cost 45% less.

2. We just want to have smooth skin!

Razor blades.

They are produced at like 15 cents but are sold for 3$ per blade.

1. It’s so yummy, but still.

Popcorn at movie theaters is I think the most expensive commodity.

Some of these actually surprised me, but not most.

What else belongs on this list? Put it down in the comments!

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