16-year-old boy wears red dress to prom cheered on by classmates and teachers at school

Nina Green, the boy’s mother, said if parents let their child be who they are, then they’ll get nothing but the best out of them.


A 16-year-old boy is being showered with love and support after he wore a red dress to his school prom. Korben spoke out his wish of wearing a dress to his prom when he was 12 years old and he lived that dream when he turned 16. The boy wore a sequined tuxedo and ballgown skirt and was cheered on by pupils and staff at Archbishop Sancroft High School in Harleston, Norfolk, reported the BBC. His mother, Nina Green, shared a photo of the 16-year-old wearing the dress. “At age 12, my son announced he wanted to go to his school prom in a gown. Four years later we made it happen. I’m so incredibly proud of him for being true to himself and the reception he got from his whole school was incredible,” she wrote while sharing the pictures. “He wants to go as himself, while expressing his feminine side — with a tuxedo on the top and a dress at the bottom, very much influenced by (actor) Billy Porter. He wanted to be Korben… but in a dress.”