18-year-old dancer takes away $3m prize money from her parents after urging her to get rid of her baby – Story of the Day

A young woman made the difficult decision to leave her parents’ home and cut them off from their €3 million fortune when they pressured her to get rid of her baby. Years later, however, things took an unexpected turn when fate brought her back in touch with her parents.


Kate Byrne discovered the world of dance when she was just 4 years old. Her parents initially enrolled her in dance classes as a hobby, but after just a year of training, her teacher predicted she would become an incredible dancer. And she wasn’t wrong.

Years later, when Kate was 17, she surprised both the audience and the judges at a dance competition. As she took the stage, she waved her arms in the air and twirled through the happy and sweaty air in a purple backless top and brown skirt, leaving the entire audience in awe.

At the end of the competition, Kate was declared the winner of the tournament and received €3 million in prize money. Of course, her parents were over the moon and incredibly proud of their daughter. They couldn’t stop crying as Kate called them onto the stage and gave a speech thanking them for their support. But just a year later everything started to change…

“Pregnant?! Are you out of your mind Kate?” her mother Jade yelled. “You have to get rid of the baby!”

“What?” Kate froze in disbelief. “What are you saying Mom? This is my baby; how can you make such an important decision without asking Justin and me to keep the child?”

“Your mother is absolutely right, Kate,” her father, Derek, chimed in. “You have a bright future ahead of you and a great fortune! Things like family and children come later in life. Money and a fulfilling career must be your top priorities now!”

“But dad…”

“I don’t want to hear a single word, Kate. You’ll get rid of the baby and that’s it!” Jade explained. “Don’t forget that you have a tournament in Australia with a million euros up for grabs soon! Do you realize how much weight you will gain after pregnancy? It will ruin your figure and your career! Plus, taking care of it would be a Very annoying newborn at work. I don’t want you to do that now.”

“What do you mean you don’t want it, Mom? I’m 18 and I can make my own decisions. Justin has agreed to take care of our child and that’s that. If you think you’re with me make more money you’re wrong. Now I know why you never liked me dating anyone! You’re only interested in the money!” yelled Kate as she walked back into her room and slammed the door behind her.

A few minutes later, she came back with a suitcase and left the house, cutting all ties with her parents. “I have decided not to give you a penny of my prize money! Live your life to the fullest and I hope we never meet again!” she said as she left.


Many years passed. Kate never spoke to her parents again. She had changed her phone number so they could no longer reach her and legally barred them from claiming the €3 million prize money. They had written her a few emails when she moved out, but she had deleted them all without ever reading them.

She now had a wonderful family including her 6-year-old daughter Lily and her husband Justin. She had given up dancing not because of motherhood but because she was exhausted and needed a break – something her parents never allowed her to do throughout her dancing career.

She began working as a dance teacher for a school and opened two dance academies in the city, teaching women of all body types without prejudice. She kept in mind her mother’s claim that a woman who gained weight or became pregnant would not have a bright future in a field like dance.

Meanwhile, like her, young Lily aspired to one day be a successful dancer. “I want to be a beautiful dancer like you, mommy!” she always said.

Justin and Kate enrolled her in dance classes to support her love and admiration for dancing, and she began entering dance competitions at an early age. It was one of those competitions that fate brought Kate back to her parents.


After Lily left the stage after her performance, the host announced a special speech for the evening. Imagine Kate’s surprise when she found out her estranged mother would be giving the speech. She noticed her father standing behind her, and he looked frail and emaciated.

“I’m here to deliver a special message to someone,” Jade explained, stepping up to the microphone. “Actually, it’s for my daughter, but I won’t give her name. The reason is that I made a big mistake a few years ago. My daughter was pregnant at the time. She wanted to keep the child, but we were against it . We had a big argument and she left our house. It was all our fault.”

“We wanted her to be more famous and bring home more medals and money because she was an outstanding dancer. We ignored her because we were blinded by her wealth and fame. By God’s grace she has a wonderful family today, a beautiful daughter like her and a caring husband while we paid for our sins.”

“My husband was diagnosed with cancer two months ago and I constantly worry about how I’m going to survive if something terrible happens to him. I’m already feeling very lonely. I couldn’t resist coming here when I found out that my granddaughter would be there today. My daughter is in the audience today. I want to meet her and ask her forgiveness, but I’m too embarrassed to confront her about it. All I want to say, honey,” she concluded Speech, “is that I’m sorry. I hope you forgive us. Thank you all.”

The crowd seemed confused. There was an odd murmur followed by forced applause as the contest host thanked Jade for her speech. “Thank you, Mrs. Byrne,” he said and clapped, and the others did the same. Kate, meanwhile, sat motionless with tears in her eyes.

A week later, on a Sunday afternoon, Jade was busy preparing lunch when the doorbell rang. “Yes, I’m coming,” she replied, quickly washing her hands before approaching the door.

However, when she opened the door, she couldn’t hold back her tears. “Hello, I’m here to meet Grandma. Are you my grandmother?” Little Lily asked in a soft voice.

“Hello, Lily. Yes, I’m your grandmother Jade. What are you doing here all alone?”

“I came here to give you something,” Lily replied, handing her an envelope. “Mom told me to give it to you.”

When Jade opened the envelope, she found a business card that Dr. Cameron Gil, and a letter. As she began to read the letter, tears welled up in her eyes.

“Hi mum,”Hi, Mama,

here is Kate. I’m sending this letter through Lily because I’m still angry at you and dad and don’t want to meet you. When I heard that Dad had been diagnosed with cancer, I spoke to one of Justin’s friends who is a doctor. He has helped many cancer patients and I hope he can help Dad too. Don’t worry about the money. This is Kate. I’m sending this letter through Lily because I’m still angry at you and dad and don’t want to meet you. When I heard that Dad had been diagnosed with cancer, I spoke to one of Justin’s friends who is a doctor. He has helped many cancer patients and I hope he can help Dad too. Don’t worry about the money.

Justin and I have already spoken to him and told him we will take care of all expenses. You’ll find his business card in the envelope. Also, I am sending Lily to your house because I thought that you might be feeling lonely and would like to spend some time with her. I’ll pick them up today at 7pm and will send them to you every weekend. She’s a sweet girl and I told her not to bother you. Thanks!”

Jade couldn’t stop crying after reading the letter. She invited Lily in, baked her a cake, played games with her and gave her a box of freshly baked cookies with a note inside as a goodbye. “Thank you, Kate. You are taking on your responsibilities as a daughter, which we as parents could never do. Thank you very much and I’m sorry darling. Love, Mom.”

Thanks to Kate, her father is doing well with the treatment and Jade is happy that her granddaughter visits her every weekend. But Kate hasn’t quite let go of the past and is taking her time before reconciling with the two.

What can we learn from this story?

Time is a good teacher. Over time, Jade and Derek realized that they shouldn’t have put money and fame ahead of their daughter.
Family should always come first. Today, Kate is reluctant to reconcile with her parents, but she recognizes that they are her family after all and she loves them.


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