2 Hours after Husband Leaves for Business Trip, Wife Sees Him in Restaurant with Old Lady — Story of the Day

A newlywed couple is on the verge of a big fight after the wife sees her husband in a restaurant with an older lady, despite supposedly leaving on a business trip two hours prior.

Peter, 45, and Jessica, 43, got married only a year ago after dating for several years. For most of Jessica’s life, she focused on her career so much that she put any thoughts of marriage or starting a family in the back seat.

Meanwhile, Peter struggled through multiple relationships before finally realizing that Jessica was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He was so afraid of losing her that he kept some parts of his past life a secret… until one day.

Jessica bid Peter goodbye before his short business trip. She then called her friends and arranged a dinner at one of her favorite restaurants because she didn’t want to spend the evening alone.

Two hours since Peter left and since calling her friends, she arrived at the restaurant and ordered their food. She and her friends were already enjoying their appetizer when she noticed a man who looked exactly like Peter walking into the restaurant with an older woman.

“Jessica, look!” her friend prompted. “That’s Peter, isn’t it?”

It was when she did a double take that she realized that the man who entered was indeed Peter. Since Jessica and her friends were inside the restaurant’s private room, Peter could not see that they were staring at him through the one-sided window glass.

“Who is that woman? Do you know her?” another friend of hers asked. “I thought he was on a business trip?”

Jessica could feel her face turn red. Not only did she feel embarrassed that her friends knew Peter lied to her, but now she was left wondering whether he was cheating on her with an older woman.

Jessica whipped out her phone and started to take pictures. She wanted proof of what she saw so that it’d be easier to confront Peter later.

The dinner ended up quiet, as Jessica was too bothered about what she had seen to interact with her friends. Although they tried to make her feel better, all she wanted to know was why Peter had lied to her and who that woman actually was.

A couple of days later, Peter returned from his trip and went straight home. “Honey, I’m back!” he called out, but no one answered. He found this to be odd because Jessica would always be in the kitchen, ready to welcome him home after every trip.

“Babe?” he called out, rushing up the stairs to check if she was in the room. Instead of seeing Jessica, he saw photos from the restaurant plastered on their bedroom wall, with the word “liar” written in bold.

That night, Jessica was at her friend’s house. But when Peter called and asked, she refused to reveal it. “Leave me alone!” she cried out.

Peter refused to let Jessica go. He knew that it was all a misunderstanding, and he wanted one chance to make it up to her. “Please, Jessica, let’s meet up. Let’s talk about this,” he begged.

“What for? To tell me more lies?” Jessica retorted.

“No. I have something to tell you and someone I’d like you to meet. Please, let’s meet up at the restaurant tomorrow at noon. Please, just give me this one chance. I hope to see you there,” he said before giving Jessica some space and putting the phone down.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, Jessica’s heart dropped. She saw the older woman again, next to Peter.

That night, Jessica couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned, debating whether or not she should show up at the restaurant the next day. Although she wanted answers, she wasn’t sure if she was ready to hear what Peter had to say.

When she woke up the next morning, she decided that she wanted to meet up with Peter. So, she got ready and made her way to the mall.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, Jessica’s heart dropped. She saw the older woman again, next to Peter. Jessica shook her head and was about to leave, but Peter rushed to stop her.

“No, Jessica, wait! I don’t know what you’re thinking, but please, hear me out. I love you with all my heart, and I would never cheat on you if that’s what you’re thinking. I want you to know that!” he said, trying to hold Jessica’s hand.

“Who is she?” she asked sternly.

“The truth is, Jessica, that woman is my former mother-in-law,” Peter admitted.

Upon hearing the word “mother-in-law,” Jessica’s stomach dropped. She couldn’t help but feel triggered by the word.

“What?! Why are you still in contact with that woman’s family? Are you happy that you were cheated on? Do you want to return to that kind of life? You shouldn’t have married me, then!” Jessica suddenly blew up, triggered by the thought that Peter was still in touch with his ex-wife’s family.

“No, Jessica. Of course, not. You are my only love, you know that!” Peter cried, afraid that Jessica was about to leave him. “My former mother-in-law suffers from Parkinson’s. When Mandy left me, she also abandoned her mother and left her to live with me,” Peter explained.

“She lived with you?!” Jessica said, shocked. For as long as she could remember, there had been nobody else at Peter’s apartment since they dated. “Where did you make her stay once we started dating?”

“I didn’t want you to think badly of me, so I paid for a private nurse for her. She lives in an apartment I own. And once in a while, I try to take her out to lunch. I’m sorry, Jessica. I should never have kept this from you,” he apologized.

“It hurts me that you lied to me, Peter, but what hurts me even more is how you thought I wouldn’t have accepted your mother-in-law. That poor woman only has you, and she ended up alone,” Jessica cried.

“I thought you would leave me over it,” Peter admitted. “I’m sorry, Jessica. I promise never to hide things from you or lie to you again. Please forgive me and give me a chance to prove to you that it won’t happen again.”

Jessica had always been afraid to give second chances because she believed that it was grounds for someone to keep making the same mistakes. However, because she loved Peter, she decided to forgive him.

“Don’t lie to me ever again,” she told him firmly. “And please, let’s take care of this sweet old lady well. She can stay here with us, and the nurse can come to help look after her. I don’t think she deserves to live the rest of her life alone in that apartment,” Jessica added.

Peter stared at Jessica in disbelief. “How did I get so lucky?” he thought to himself as he looked over at his wife, who seemed calm, cool, and collected as she spoke to him.

“I love you,” he told her. “You are the kindest, most selfless person I know. I am so lucky to be married to you.”

Jessica let out a faint laugh. “Don’t flatter me now. Come on, she’s is waiting for us,” she said, walking alongside Peter to the table where the old lady sat.

What can we learn from this story?

Your spouse is your partner. Being dishonest can ruin your relationship. Peter lied to Jessica because he was afraid of how she’d react to the situation, only to realize that he had made things worse. He promised never to be dishonest to his wife again so that they could live their married life in peace.

We will all get old one day. Treat the elderly the same way you’d want to be treated when you are older. Peter knew that he needed to take care of his sick mother-in-law because he was all she had. He did this wholeheartedly and without expecting anything in return.

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