20 of the Funniest Memes About Math (and Math Struggles!)

Oh, Math. How I hate thee. Let me count the ways…algebra, geometry, statistics.

Fun fact: I nearly didn’t graduate college because of math. I was a psychology major at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and it was the last quarter before graduation.

I needed to pass statistics, and it was my FOURTH attempt to pass this class. Halfway through the class, I was failing yet again.

I decided to see if my strongest skill could help me out of this situation – writing. Persuasive writing was in my wheelhouse. I sat down and wrote an appeal to the Psychology Department to exempt me from this class.

I begged, I pleaded, I cajoled, I provided anecdotal evidence proving I would never, ever pass statistics.

And shockingly, it worked, bless their hearts…and I graduated with my class. It was one of my first lessons in the power of the written word!

Anyway, to my fellow math haters…hope the following posts give you some laughs!


#1 Right?? That’s exactly why I always dreaded word problems…

#10 So handy…

#11 I think ANY wine will do!

#12 This is me…grocery store math I can do!

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