Waitress Slips Thank You Note Instead of Bill to Two Firefighters, Next Day They Come To Her House — Story of the Day

When Amy decided to waive the food bill for two firefighters, she did not expect anything in return. However, the heroes wouldn’t let her kindness go unnoticed….

Poor Teacher Can’t Feed 5 Kids After He Gets Fired, Gets Limo Ride To New Dream Job Days Later – Story Of The Day

Poor teacher couldn’t begin thinking of how to feed and raise his five children after he was fired. A couple of days later, a limo picked him…

The bride is outraged to see a homeless old man at her wedding, the groom proudly says: “He came to me”— Story of the Day

Michael was about to marry Jessica, a former model who wasn’t the nicest person in the world. During the wedding, a homeless man showed up, which made…

Single Man Adopts Three Poor Kids, Finds $250K Check In Youngest’s Stroller — Story of the Day

After Patrick was assigned to fix the roof of an orphanage, he decided to adopt three kids, shocking all his work friends. One day, he discovered something…

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