4-Year-Old Boy Claims He Was an Angel, Makes Mom Believe He Is an Old Soul

An Australian boy left his mother speechless and emotional after he revealed things that had happened before his birth. Continue reading to find out what happened.

It is often impossible to predict what will come out of a kid’s mouth. Sometimes they say wise things beyond their age and other times just silly and funny things.

Well, four-year-old Luca took things to another level when he revealed things that had happened to his mother before he was even born.

In a post shared on Instagram by his mother, Laura Mazza, an Australian-based blogger, she explained how the eerie discussion with her son went.

After Laura had tested positive for a pregnancy test years before, she suffered excruciating pain, followed by a heavy period a few days later.

At the time, she did not know what the massive bleeding meant because she got pregnant with Luca right after it happened.

Laura had endured a miscarriage, which is an awful experience for anyone but luckily, getting pregnant quickly after had lessened the pain. Due to the little boy’s birth conditions and attitude, his mother, Laura, suspected Luca had walked the earth before.

The four-year-old looked like a little adult and sometimes said very wise and absurd things. He would also sing along to old songs released years before his birth.

However, one fateful day, while Laura was bathing the little boy, her suspicions were confirmed, and it left her startled. Luca asked his mother if they lived in Australia, and Laura confirmed that they lived in Australia. But then the little boy replied he did not, but instead, he lived in her tummy.

Laura explained that he did live in her tummy, but they have lived in Australia since he was born. Luca’s next words shocked his mother. He said:

“Yes, mommy, I lived in your tummy… I was there, but then I died.”

There was no way Luca could have known she had a miscarriage since it happened before his birth, and she has never talked to him about it. Still shocked about what he said, Laura probed to know more. She asked the little boy what he meant by saying he died since they were right there together.

Luca reiterated that he was in her tummy then died and afterward went looking for Laura but could not find her. The four-year-old disclosed:

“I went looking for you, but I couldn’t find you. I went to your house, I went everywhere, but you couldn’t hear me when I called you, so then I was sad, but then I became an angel.”

He further explained that he missed her and wanted to come back, so he became a baby in her tummy again to be born. Luca disclosed he was not in heaven but Australia before becoming her baby again. The little boy declared he was happy to be her baby again and glad for the opportunity to grow up now.

Laura had never talked about angels or heaven with her son before, and his words about both entities moved her to tears. Afterward, Laura explained she just stared at her son and cried.

She concluded the post by explaining that kids know who they want as their mothers before they are born, and Luca’s story is the ultimate proof.

Laura further disclosed that children really do choose their mothers and their souls are always with their moms in this life or the next. Many of her followers subsequently commented they had had similar experiences and thanked her for sharing the story.

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