8-yr-old quick thinking helps save great-grandma after she is pinned under car.

Mariah’s great-grandmother Patricia Lynch came to pick her up after school on January 11th, just like any other day.


She drove her great-granddaughter to her West Bloomfield home, as she had done previously.

Lynch exited her blue Chevy Equinox as they approached the driveway, while Mariah remained inside.

Things went wrong all of a sudden. The vehicle was in reverse. She believed her car was in park, but it was in reverse, Mariah recalled in an interview. It began to move, and she attempted to stop it, and she fell, and the tyre went over her foot.

Rather than panicking, young Mariah sprung into action, doing what she had seen her mom and other adults do when arriving at a destination: she pulled the keys out [of the ignition, the 8-year-old stated.

She didn’t realise her foot was under there, yet she knew she might still get wounded since her body was, the second-grader explained.


She promptly exited the car and raced to her mother, Porchia Lane, for assistance. Her mother had returned home and had no reason to assume anything was amiss.

The family’s doorbell camera captured Mariah’s plea for rescue.

She believed it was a routine drop off, her mother remembered, and when she opened the door, she still didn’t hear her crying at first. She thought, ‘Well, maybe my grandma was having trouble getting up the driveway since it’s a little hill,” she explained. As she went closer to the car, she heard Mariah cry and noticed her grandmother’s shoes in the centre of the driveway. She hadn’t even noticed her. So she was totally stunned.


Lane dashed outside to see her grandma laying parallel to the car. Her grandmother’s foot and leg had become entangled beneath a tyre, however the 79-year-old had managed to extricate herself.

Mariah was able to get a towel. They bandaged her leg and jumped in the ambulance, Lane remembered. She certainly responded quickly, she boasted.

The i ncident had a traumatic effect on Mariah. She did, though, say that she felt better after seeing her great-grandmother at Trinity Health Oakland Hospital, where she was being treated.

Lane stated that her grandmother did not suffer from broken bones “by the grace of God,” although she did get sutures and blood infusions for bruising, blisters, and blood loss.

She was released from the hospital last week, and Lane intends to assist her grandma with her physical rehabilitation and recuperation.

Lane is extremely pleased with her daughter’s fast thinking and has a message for other parents concerned about their kids. Be aware that one’s children are always paying attention. She really talked to Mariah about following her heart and making the correct decisions, Lane added. It simply makes her pleased that she was able to think quickly and that she was likely more calm than she would have been in this scenario since she would have been c razy.


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