81 years of marriage, 110 grandchildren – but these two still love each other like teenagers

Mankind has been looking for the secret of longevity for centuries. Everyone wants to stay young longer and prolong life.


In ancient times shamans and sorcerers prepared various potions and made talismans from the skins and bones of animals.

The modern world has its own methods in the struggle for youth. These are various beauty procedures, creams and injections.

However, we can’t argue with nature. It is not for us to decide how muchlife and youth are measured to us.

Mexican couple Faustino and Estefania have been together for 81 years.

And this is a real record. They got married in 1932 and since then have not parted for a minute.

It is noteworthy that Estefania’s parents were against their marriage but she loved Faustino so much that, against all odds, she married him and left for another village


For the whole life lived together they had both joy and bad moments, but together they were able to withstand everything.

The couple had 11 children, 65 grandchildren, 110 great-grandchildren and 18 great-great-grandchildren. Even in old age the spouses love each other very much.


According to them, true love is eternal and cannot disappear over the years. As in their younger years, they love to spend time together, go for walks and take care of each other.

Their big family does everything so that the elderly do not need anything.

When they were asked about longevity, spouses always answer that you should not think about how much is left to live.

You have to enjoy every moment, no matter what. Especially when your loved one is nearby, you need to take care of him, say how you love him and appreciate him.

After all, the next day he may no longer be around. With age a person acquires wisdom and begins to value life and loved ones in a different way.

What we were so worried about when we were young seems like a trifle when we are old. Faustino and Estefania live for today and are happy.


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