A Nostalgic Look Back At Aluminum Christmas Trees

The Christmas season brings joy to so many families. No house decorations would be complete with the family Christmas tree. While many new styles of trees are on the market today, nothing compares with the aluminum trees of the late 1950s.

The vintage ‘Aluminum Pom-Pom Tree’ made by Evergleam dates back to 1959. The tree’s base is white and red with gold stars on it, and 4 lights surround the base that illuminates the tree.

The base spins and plays a Christmas song while the tree rotates in merry measure. All of the branches are in the box and separated. They are silver tinsel branches, and they are very delicate.

A long silver metal stick is placed at the base of the tree. Then, each individual tree branch is stuck into the holes in the metal pole. The branches all face upwards and create a beautiful silver tree made entirely from aluminum.

The aluminum tree was popular from 1958 until the mid-60s. It was used as a symbol of the commercialization of Christmas in the 1965 TV special, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas.’

The ‘Peanuts’ gang discredited the tree as a holiday decoration. However, there has been a resurgence of interest in the classic aluminum tree. The online marketplace has seen an incredible boost in sales, with trees selling for high prices.

Museum collections have also featured these long-lost relics of Christmas past. Whether or not your family had an all-aluminum tree or not, this vintage tree will bring back great memories of gathering at your tree together on Christmas morning.

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