After an emergency call, a police officer goes into action and finds that the mother of four cannot feed her baby – Story of the Day

A mother of four had to look after her children after her husband went on a business trip. Shortly thereafter, late that night, a police officer responded to an 911 call from the woman and found that she was struggling to feed her newborn child.

Amanda was a homemaker and mother of four children. Her husband James had to work hard to provide for the growing family. He was often on business trips around the country.

Although she had always dreamed of being a mother, Amanda had never realized how much work it was to raise four children. She had a 6-year-old son who was nursing a broken leg, 3- and 4-year-old toddlers who loved to run around, and a young boy who depended on her for his meal.

In a certain week, Amanda’s husband left for another business trip. She was woken up by the baby crying. The baby was hungry. She hugged him and tried to breastfeed him, but found that her breast milk was no longer sufficient to feed him.

“Hold on, Pete,” she said, trying to comfort her baby. “I’m sorry mom doesn’t seem to have enough milk to satisfy your appetite,” she added sadly.

Amanda didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t leave the children at home to buy follow-on milk. She called her husband hoping he could ask someone to buy milk for her.

James started calling his friends who lived in the neighborhood, but since it was around two in the morning, nobody answered.

Pete’s screams grew louder and Amanda feared it would wake the other children. If they woke up, chaos would ensue, and Amanda was sure she would go insane. Realizing that her husband could not help her, she decided to act on her own.

She tried calling her mother and her neighbors, but no one answered. Then the distraught mother realized there was one number she could call that was sure to get the job done: 911.

After the bell rang, a dispatcher answered. “Hello, what is your emergency?”

“Hello,” Amanda said almost breathlessly. She had walked around the house for almost an hour trying to soothe her crying child. “I need help. My child won’t stop crying because I can’t give him milk. I can’t leave the house to go shopping. Can someone please help me?” she asked.

“Are you in any danger?” asks the woman on the other side of the line.

“No, but it could be me if my baby doesn’t stop crying. Please, please, can you get someone over with some follow-on milk quickly? Please, I really need your help,” Amanda pleaded, sounding desperate. She gave the dispatcher her address and asked for someone to be sent quickly.

The dispatcher was concerned about the sudden call. She was trying to decipher if “follow-on milk” was a code for danger and wanted to make sure the mother and her children were safe, so she sent a police officer to check the address.

When the police officer arrived, Amanda opened the door with a crying baby in her arms.

“I’m sorry. Thanks for checking on us,” she told him. “Look, I’ve been breastfeeding my son, but it seems my milk supply is running low. I can’t go out to buy follow-on milk because I have three other kids sleeping upstairs. My husband is out of town and no one is answering mine Calls. I had no choice but to call 911.”

The officer shook his head. “No need to apologize. I’m a dad too and I know how hard it is to calm a hungry baby. Don’t worry. I’ll get some milk from the store in a minute,” he said with a smile.

The friendly officer, who introduced himself as Joshua, got into his squad car and drove to the pharmacy in the middle of the night to buy formula for Amanda’s baby.

When he arrived, Amanda was relieved that her child could finally drink milk and go back to sleep. Joshua babysat the rest of her children while she fed her hungry baby.

When James arrived the next day, Amanda told the story about the friendly officer. He realized that another man had stood up for his family while he was away and he was so grateful.

Unbeknownst to Joshua, James had started a GoFundMe page for the man and his family. He collected €7,500, which he donated to the officer’s family.

Little did James know that Joshua needed the money badly. He had to pay off his house by the end of the month or he would have to find somewhere else to live.James wusste nicht, dass Joshua das Geld dringend brauchte. Er musste sein Haus bis Ende des Monats abbezahlen, oder er würde sich eine andere Bleibe suchen müssen.

James, Amanda and Joshua became good friends and they often got together so their children could play together. A 911 call led to a lifelong friendship that both families cherished. Since then, they’ve had each other’s backs. Also, Amanda made sure she had enough milk supplies.

What can we learn from this story?

There will always be someone willing to help . Amanda felt hopeless that night when no one answered her calls. However, after dialing 911, she realized there would always be people willing to help.
Do good even when no one sees you . Joshua was under no obligation to help Amanda as all he had to do after her 911 call was a health check. However, he went above and beyond his duties and went shopping for her.

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