Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes Were Photographed Traveling Together During the Holidays

What scandal? Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes seem completely oblivious to the controversy surrounding their relationship as the pair were snapped waiting for a flight Monday morning. It looks like the Good Morning America co-host couple are done hiding their romance now that news of their affair has broken.

Photographs show the couple together in Atlanta.

T.J. and Amy were in Georgia on Monday where they’re rumored to be preparing to spend New Year’s Eve together.

If the way they snuggled up together in the photos shared by Page Six and taken at the Atlanta airport is any indication, it’s going to be a very romantic end to 2022 for the couple.

The pair will have plenty of time to spend together now that their schedules have cleared up.

Work won’t be getting in the way of their plans anytime soon because both T.J. and Amy have been temporarily suspended from their job duties on GMA3, the afternoon edition of Good Morning America.

ABC execs have relieved the duo of their hosting gig while they determine if any company policies were broken during their rumored affair.

Leaked images show the two engaged in an inappropriate relationship.

A video that surfaced earlier this year was ultimately what put their private tryst in the spotlight. In the short clip, it looked like they’re packing up from a romantic getaway. T.J. could be seen passing by Amy as she loads luggage into the back of a vehicle.

He playfully grabbed her rear end as he walked by, confirming that theirs was more than just a working relationship.

Both T.J. and Amy were married when their romance was rumored to have begun.

Since the news broke, both T.J.’s wife and Amy’s husband have made a point to distance themselves from the situation โ€” and their now-estranged spouses.

T.J. is married to attorney Marilee Fiebig and the pair share a daughter. As for Amy, she shares two children with actor husband Andrew Shue.

The GMA3 love affair was believed to have begun over the summer, according to sources, while the hosts were in the UK covering Queen Elizabeth’s 70th year of rule.

It doesn’t seem as if they have any reason to hide at this point.
We can’t help but wonder if we’ll be seeing more of Amy and T.J. now that the cat is out of the bag about their relationship. After all, it doesn’t appear they have any plans to cool things down, even with the increased amount of attention.

That may not be the best course of action, considering they’re both likely about to go through very public divorces, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

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