Anothеr Pеrson аssociаtеd With Jеffrеy еpstеin Hаs Committеd “Suicidе” In Prison

Jeffrey Epstein worked with a lot of people to procure girls for s…. However, modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel, 76, was reputed to have connected Epstein and his associates with more than a thousand potential victims. Now, Brunel has been found dead apparently by suicide, when he was found hanging in his prison cell in La Sante, which is south of Paris, France – now Ghislaine Maxwell’s family said they are “scared” for her wellbeing since Epstein.


Brunel’s suicide occurred only several days after Epstein’s known associate, 62-year-old Prince Andrew, agreed to settle the lawsuit put forward by Virginia Roberts, who claimed the prince s…. her after the pair were introduced through Epstein and Maxwell. Although the prince settled the lawsuit, he did not confess any guilt or admit any wrongdoing.

In addition, Roberts said that Brunel (above) had procured thousands of little girls for Epstein to rape. Epstein’s pimp was awaiting trial in France for the charge of raping minors.


Now that Epstein and Brunel have died by apparent suicide while in prison, Maxwell’s family expressed their fear that she was not going to be safe. She is currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York.

During a conversation with the New York Post, Maxwell’s brother Ian said, “Another death by hanging in a high-security prison. My reaction is one of total shock and bewilderment.”

Ian confirmed that Maxwell was considered “a suicide risk,” although her psychiatrist advised authorities “to the contrary.” Because Maxwell is considered a suicide risk, guards must wake her up every fifteen minutes to check on her condition. Her brother is outraged by this arrangement and sees it as a “complete violation of prisoner rights and human rights” since he does not believe his sister is a suicide risk.


Maxwell’s brother also added that he found it “ironic” that his sister remains on suicide watch while Epstein and Brunel were not.

In December, Maxwell was found guilty of trafficking minors for Epstein’s pleasures. Prosecutors were able to show enough evidence to prove that Maxwell helped Epstein gain access to lots of little girls and women so he could abuse them s…..

Meanwhile, Brunel was alone when he died, and no cameras were nearby to record the last moments of his death. Because of this, conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day, given that both Epstein and Brunel committed suicide rather than face the music and the legal punishment.

Brunel was held at La Sante, which is known as a tough prison in France.

“A night patrol found his lifeless body at about one am,” said an investigating source. “A judicial inquiry has been launched, and early evidence points to suicide.”

After news broke that Brunel k…. himself, Roberts said she was “disappointed” that she did not get the chance to see Brunel go through the “final trial to hold him accountable.” Nevertheless, she confirmed that his suicide “ends another chapter.”


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