Baby With Down Syndrome Is Loved by Millions After Presenting Adoptive Mom With Her ‘New Smile’

A sweet baby girl with Down Syndrome wanted to give her new adoptive mother a huge smile, and luckily it was caught on camera. The video gained thousands of reactions after it was posted to the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network Facebook page. 8-month-old “Baby H” (as she is known to protect her privacy during the adoption process) now lives in Texas with her family.


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Baby H was hanging out on her blanket with her mom when she asked her how her day was going—and all of a sudden her adorable face erupts into the famous grin!
“When Baby H was almost eight months old, she woke up one morning with this brand-new smile,” her mom said to The Daily Mail

. “We noticed it several times and realized she was showing us a cheesy grin–we laughed and laughed every time she did it and she just loved the attention.”

Her mom also noted in the interview that she noticed that her Baby H could do the smile on cue. In the next part of the video, her mom says, “Ohh I love your new smile! That is the cutest! Can you show me again?”


Of course, Baby H loves to hear her mama’s voice and she just has to give her a big smile again. You can then hear her mom say, “Oh my goodness I like that new smile!”

Her mom remarked in the interview with The Daily Mail, that her laughter was the reaction to how much she loves her baby’s smile:
“You can tell by my laughter how much we adore this smile and she actually only smiled like this for a couple of weeks so this video is a treasure for us.”

“We hope that all the viewers will see the beauty that lies in people with Down Syndrome,” she continued. “Although a Down Syndrome diagnosis can be scary, the reality is that your child has a purpose and will be able to live a full and happy life.”

What a sweet baby grin! Do you know people who might enjoy this as much as the thousands of social media users who have already seen the adorable video? Be sure to pass it on to them.

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