Before dying, wife tells husband to keep watering plants – Years later, he learns the reason why

“On her deathbed, my wife told me her last wish in tears: to water the flowers every day. It wasn’t until decades later, when I moved them, that I understood why and started crying out loud, I thought it was a joke, but…”


Not many people are lucky enough to find a soulmate who will understand their pain and laugh at their jokes no matter how dull they are.

Phedre Fitton and her husband Nigel spent a lifetime together, until the day she lost her battle to cancer. Nigel was left devastated and could barely cope with the loss of his loving wife. However, before she died, she had one final wish, and that was for Nigel to take good care of the plants she kept in the bathroom by watering them regularly.


Needless to say, it became Nigel’s everyday activity. He wouldn’t spend a day without checking on them.

“They were together since they were 16 years old and he was devastated when she died. So he just did what she had asked him to do.” said her daughter Antonia Nicol.

Phedre was known for her witty personality and a good sense of humor, but no one could imagine she would continue make the family laugh even after her passing.

As time passed by, Nigel would remember his sweetheart whenever he was around her lovely flowers.


At times, he could notice water running down while he was watering them but it wasn’t until he decided to move places five years after his wife’s death that he realized she played a prank on him.

‘They looked so amazing he decided to take them to his new home,” said Nicol.

He finally understood those plants were plastic. But he wasn’t mad at all, on the contrary, he was sort of glad Phedre could come up with something so vicious and funny at the same time.

“I wondered why they still looked so good,” he said.

Nicol shared a photo of her dad actually watering the plants, and people find it quite cute that he was so committed in answering his wife’s final wish.

“We really laughed about it and it was lovely to think that my mum was still there with us,” Nicol continued.

This made the whole family took the time to recall all the fun things their mother and wife did while she was still among them.

Her vibrant personality was unlike any other’s and she will always be remembered as a lovely woman who wanted to make those around her happy.


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