‘Best grandpa ever’ purchases bus all so he can drive his 10 grandchildren to school

Since the kids didn’t have buses that went by their houses – their grandpa found the coolest solution.

Ever since Doug Hayes first grandchild was born, the family has been making the most of Christmas, making sure there is a cozy and festive atmosphere, and, of course, lots of presents.


By 2019, Amy and Doug Hayes had ten grandchildren, and it was the best thing for them to enjoy the holidays together.

But that year, the children’s present was the most special of all. In fact, it was something they had wanted for a long time, and one of Doug’s dreams that came true.


You see, all of the children wanted to ride a bus to school, but, attending a small private school near home, they didn’t have the chance to do so because the school wasn’t big enough to have its own school buses.

“The kids have always said, ‘Gee whiz, I like our school, but we would like to be able to have a school bus,’” Hayes told CNN at the time.


And, although at the time, only half of his grandchildren were old enough to attend school, the other five would soon need a ride to school.

So, in 2019, when Amy asked her husband what his biggest dream was, he knew right away it was a school bus for his beloved grandchildren.

“It would be the most fulfilling thing to take the grandkids to school in the morning,” Hayes told his wife.


And, in the weeks that followed, she made sure to convince him that it was time to pursue that dream. Indeed, it seems it was the right time because he soon found a school bus to buy.

At Christmas, he surprised all of his grandchildren with the bus, and all the kids were “ecstatic”.

They just couldn’t believe they would finally get to ride a bus to school- it would be so fancy!


“It was a big surprise! All of us were really stunned. I never expected him to buy a bus!” one of the kids told KGW News, while another added: “It was really fun!”

As for Doug, it was all about making his grandchildren happy.

They had been dreaming of a school bus for a long time, and he would also get the chance to spend some more quality time with them.


“It’s primarily about getting to spend a few minutes with them every single morning,” he admitted.

Luckily, all of the families live within a 20′ drive from Hayes home, and the school is about two to three miles from his house, so it would be easy for him to drive the kids to school before going to work every morning.


What a great idea, and what a great time the cousins will have together on the bus.

“I thought maybe there’s a way I can give them a memory that would last all their lives,” Hayes explained.

And we are sure they will cherish these moments forever for the rest of their lives.

Watch the video below for more details about this sweet story!

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