Betty White makes costars break character with hilarious “St. Olaf” story

One of the sweetest members of The Golden Girls was Rose. Played by Betty White, she was considered one of the nicest of the four central characters. She came from St. Olaf, Minnesota.


Betty White
With St. Olaf being a fictional town, Rose would craft bizarre stories. She’d always speak of how situations reminded her of growing up in a quirky Minnesota town.
This compilation video showcases her best stories. The video begins with how annoyed Dorothy has grown with Rose’s stories.
Rose tries to relate a current issue to St. Olaf, but Dorothy tells her to shut her mouth. Dorothy explodes with frustration that Rose always keeps talking about St. Olaf anytime there’s a problem.
Rose doesn’t realize she brings up St. Olaf so often. Dorothy says that’s okay. Rose then goes into her story of St. Olaf, which agitates Dororthy further.
The following clip features Rose having tea with Dorothy and Blanche. She tells the tale of Founder’s Day and how it involves tuna. The founder with a long name was known for being the first to eat tuna in its juices.


The Golden Girls
The story continues with a ridiculous conclusion involving a mayonnaise costume. Dorothy remarks that story was quite touching, despite how silly it sounds.
Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche are thrown in jail in the following clip. They’re suspected of being prostitutes. Rose says she won’t be able to go back home again with a criminal record.
Blanche tries to assure Rose that nobody in St. Olaf will ever know. Rose, however, is aware of how aggressive the town’s journalism can be.
Rose brings up the St. Olaf Courier-Dispatch and how it’s known for being highly investigative. Dorothy chimes in that they were pretty thorough about fungus.
Dorothy tries to prevent Rose from telling another silly St. Olaf story. She brings up the example of an exploding pig. Rose corrects Dorothy: It was a peg-legged pig.
Rose then brings up how there was an exploding possum. Dorothy tries to sympathize by saying she can’t keep exploding animal stories together. The conversation then shifts to discussing Rose’s silly dreams of being the Butter Queen.
In the following clip, Rose sings the anthem of St. Olaf. It’s a silly song that Dorothy listens to with a scoffing expression.
The following clip takes place on Christmas. Rose recommends the girls celebrate St. Olaf style. Dorothy thinks it means eggnog, but Rose corrects that’s how they celebrate Easter.
The Golden Girls
The clips continue with more absurd stories. In one clip, Rose competes with the girls in a dance competition.


She breaks into a story about St. Olaf, and Dorothy tries to convince the judges that Rose is cheating. She’s trying to put the competition to sleep with her stories.
There are so many stories she unravels over this lengthy compilation. The last tale sums up Rose best with a story about cows and breakfast. Dorothy asks mid-story why the girl are still nice to her.
We could go on, but it’s best not to ramble on with stories. Rose was always the master of that. She always came armed with an absurd St. Olaf tale to spin, annoying the girls and delighting the audience.


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