Boy Begs Dad to Adopt Girl Teased for Being an Orphan, Later Man Learns She’s His Son’s Sister – Story of the Day

David wished that his father would adopt the new girl in his class who felt like a sister. When his father met little Jessica, their deeper connection from the past came to light.

“My son did WHAT?” Mr. Jones didn’t notice his voice was getting too loud for a school principal’s office.


“It’s true. David chopped off a lock of a boy’s hair during art class today. Now, we know the other kid, Brad, had been mocking a newly joined girl. David had tried to stop Brad from teasing the girl, and that’s when the two boys got into a brawl.”

“So it’s not entirely David’s fault.”

The principal was annoyed at Mr. Jones’ dismissive tone.

“That’s no excuse for what David has done. Brad did throw a punch, but David remained unharmed. He chose carefully planned revenge. Don’t you see how that is problematic, Mr. Jones?”

The proud businessman fell into an awkward silence and realized he had just been schooled.

David had never been a problem child. He was barely two years old when friends and family noticed how ‘gentlemanly’ he already was.

Of course, the credit for all that went to David’s mother. ‘Rosa…I miss you.’

Driving David back home, Mr. Jones quietly relived his greatest love and regret.

Rosa was a wonderful wife and mother, but that hadn’t been enough for Mr. Jones back then.

“Stop wasting your time in neighborhood drives and potlucks. Do you have no ambition?”

His constant disappointment over her simplicity drove Rosa away. She stayed in the marriage for as long as she could. For the sake of her husband’s and child’s happiness, she kickstarted her career as a stylist.

Rosa went from being a housewife to a cover story for women’s entrepreneur magazines in two years. She was envied for having a loyal and wealthy husband, a wildly successful brand, and raising a child simultaneously.

But only David knew that on the inside, Rosa had turned bitter. She lost her old friends, she switched from kind and friendly to fiercely competitive, and there was no love in the ‘perfect’ marriage anymore.

So it didn’t come as a surprise when one day, Rosa filed for divorce, kissed her husband and son goodbye, and moved on to start a new chapter of her life.

In all these years, Rosa had only once written to him. He still had that letter in his wallet.


Mr. Jones finally turned to David. “What were they teasing the girl for?”
David was surprised that his father wanted to know.

“They were calling her names for being an orphan. Jessica cried and asked them to stop being mean. But those boys just wouldn’t stop.”

“I had to stand up to her. I know what it’s like, to be bullied for not having a parent.”

Mr. Jones’ heart sunk at that last sentence.

“I’ve also heard she stays with a very poor distant aunt. She skips so many days at school because no one would travel with her. She only has half the textbooks we need. And still, she’s always smiling.”

David started crying, thinking of his classmate. “She deserves so much better, dad. Why can’t we adopt her?”

“Adopt her?”

“Yeah. I already feel like she is my sister. When she cries, I cry.”

“I share my lunch with her. Why can’t I also share my home? Don’t we have more than enough?”

Mr. Jones ruffled David’s hair, trying to console him.

‘My beautiful boy…with a heart just like his mother’s used to be. I cannot break this one, too.’

“I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you invite her to lunch after school on Friday? Let me meet your friend. Make sure you get permission from her aunt. What’s her name, you said?”

David’s face brightened up. “Jessica!”

Surely enough, David came home with a spring in his step, walking hand in hand with Jessica. Their friendship moved Mr. Jones. The little girl did have a kind smile and almost looked like a sister to David.


“So, you’re Jessica! I’ve heard so much about you! Tell me more….”

Jessica started narrating her life story with nothing but innocence in her voice. Mr. Jones learned that she was born to loving parents, and they lived in a beautiful house in the city.

“But last year, my mama and papa were coming to pick me up from my dance class when a big truck hit them from the front. I waited for them for hours outside my class. One of my aunts told me that mama and papa had died in the evening.

“At first, I cried a lot, and my aunt took care of me. But then, I heard someone cheated and took away all our money. So my aunt and I moved to a tiny house. There is no place to play, and my bed is always wet from a hole in the ceiling. Now my aunt is not so good with me anymore. I think my aunt may have cheated.”

Mr. Jones felt his heartache as the little girl described ordeal after ordeal. ‘Maybe I should look into finding her a better home…’

“I’m so sorry about your parents, Jessica. What were their names?”

“Yes, I have a picture, too!”

Meanwhile, David was busy fussing over preparing the perfect glass of lemon juice for his guest.

“Look!” Jessica called Mr. Jones’ attention to the photo she took out of her bag.

Mr. Jones’ face went pale looking at the picture. ‘No…it can’t be….’

“That’s my father. His name was Thomas. He was a photographer. And that’s my mother. She was a famous stylist. Isn’t she pretty? Her name is—”

Mr. Jones tried to come to terms with the shocking truth as he remembered Rosa’s last letter:


I did not have the heart to tell you this because I couldn’t bear to stay any longer. But now I think you should know. When I left, I was pregnant with our second child.

I’m due in a few weeks. I know you are upset that I kept this from you, but know this:

I will love this child just as dearly as you love David. When he turns 18, tell him everything about us. And tell him that he has a sister.

Mr. Jones couldn’t believe that the little girl carefully pouring him a glass of lemonade was his daughter.

He made a phone call to his lawyer. The call was long, and Mr. Jones was determined to find a way to get custody of Jessica.

‘There’s no way I’m letting my beautiful daughter suffer anymore.’

“Rosa…” he called her name and broke down crying. Jessica and David rushed to their father and hugged him.

What can we learn from this story?

Raise your children to be caring and kind. If it had not been for David’s care and concern for Jessica, the whole big truth about their blood relations would have never come forward.
Children are the most impacted by the separation of their parents. As a result of Catherine and Mr. Jones’ choices, Jessica and David had to spend their initial years not knowing that they were each other’s siblings.

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