Boy Brings Chicken Soup to Lonely Old Lady Daily, Once Sees Four Men Trying to Open Her House — Story of the Day

A boy brings chicken soup to an old lady daily after she falls sick, and one day, he finds a group of 4 men on her doorstep, trying to enter her house. He gets scared and decides to run to his mom for help, but then the old woman opens her door and invites the men inside.


8-year-old Kyle sat on the curb, crying his heart out. He’d had a bad day at school because he didn’t finish his math homework, and his teacher had scolded him in front of the whole class.

Kyle was never good at math, and he hated the subject. He’d once told his mom, Amanda, that he didn’t understand anything in class, so she offered to hire a private tutor for him. But Kyle knew agreeing to tutorials would cut into his time for playing in the evenings, so he promised her he would work hard on his own.

But now, Kyle was stuck. His grades were falling, and he couldn’t get through the most basic questions. He hadn’t told Amanda about it. If she found out, he would have to go for tutorials, which he dreaded.

“I hate it! I don’t want to go to school!” he told himself as tears continued to roll down his cheeks.

Suddenly, he heard a soft voice. “Kyle? What’s wrong, honey?”

Kyle looked up and saw his next-door neighbor, Mrs. Bennet. She was 80, in a wheelchair, and widowed with no kids. She was a sweet woman and Kyle liked her, so he told her everything.

“I got a C on my math test, and I couldn’t finish my math homework. The teacher was mad at me! Mom will be mad at me, too, if she finds out. I hate math,” he complained, wiping his tears.

They were all tall and muscular, and Kyle was scared to see them. “Mrs. Bennet, she’s in danger!”

The old lady patted his shoulders and gave him a reassuring smile. “How about I help you with math, Kyle? I once used to be a math teacher, and it’s a fun subject.”

“But I don’t want to study in the evenings! I want to play. If you teach me math, my playing time would be cut.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, we will play and learn math. How about we start today? If you don’t like it, we can stop anytime. Remember, there’s no harm in giving it a try….”

“Really?” Kyle thought it over and decided to let Mrs. Bennet teach him math. Either way, he needed help, and if Mrs. Bennet could teach him in a fun way, there was no harm.


So from that day on, Mrs. Bennet and Kyle started spending two hours every day under the big oak tree in their neighborhood, learning the subject. Mrs. Bennet taught Kyle math problems and helped him with his assignments, and he started liking the subject because, unlike in school, where he was taught in a boring textbook way, Mrs. Bennet had her own fun tricks to make the subject interesting.

“I don’t think it’s such a bad subject, after all,” Kyle told her two weeks after they’d been learning together. “I wish you were my school teacher, Mrs. Bennet. My math teacher didn’t say anything good when I finished all my homework. But she always scolds me when I don’t do good!”


Mrs. Bennet laughed. “I would have loved to continue teaching too, Kyle. But things have been a little hard for me in this wheelchair and with my arthritis…”

One day, Kyle came to the oak tree where he and Mrs. Bennett always met, but she didn’t show up that day. He thought she was late, so he decided to wait for her for a while. When an hour passed and she didn’t turn up, Kyle started to worry.

He remembered Mrs. Bennet telling him about her weak health, so he went to her house to check on her. And there, when Mrs. Bennet answered the door, Kyle found out she had a fever and a cold.

“I am sorry, Kyle, I won’t be able to teach you for a while,” she said apologetically. “My caretaker has been on leave too, so I have to manage things on my own for the next three days. I am sorry, child.”

Kyle said it was okay, and he returned home. But he was worried about Mrs. Bennet’s health. He told Amanda, and she prepared a quick chicken broth for Mrs. Bennet.

“This will help her, Kyle,” she said, handing him a flask full of soup. “I have packed some sandwiches and crackers for her too. Let me know if she needs anything else, and deliver these safely to her.”

“Alright, mom,” Kyle nodded as he set out to deliver the soup to Mrs. Bennet.

The old lady was in tears upon receiving it and hugged Kyle. “Thank you very much, son. Please convey my gratitude to your mother as well.”

From that day on, Kyle delivered hot soup and dinner to Mrs. Bennet every day.

One day, when he visited her house, he saw four men standing on her doorstep, trying to enter the house by turning her door knob. They were all tall and muscular, and Kyle was scared to see them.

“Mrs. Bennet, she’s in danger!” he thought and was about to dash to his house to call Amanda for help, but then the door opened and Mrs. Bennet emerged from inside. The men hugged her one by one, and Kyle was confused.

“Who are you?” he asked, approaching them. “I thought you wanted to hurt Mrs. Bennet! You were trying to open Mrs. Bennet’s door from outside!”

The men and Mrs. Bennet started laughing. “Oh, they’re my former students, Kyle. They’re all doing well now, running their own businesses because they learned math well! Did you guys try that silly trick again to open my door because I was taking some time to answer? Oh God, these boys! Don’t worry, Kyle, they’re just here to visit their ailing teacher.”

The men were surprised to find out that Kyle and his mom were looking after their favorite teacher and that Kyle was bringing her broth daily. They appreciated the help and decided to thank him and Amanda for it, so they bought him a cool bike and Amanda a new car in return.

Amanda refused and said it wasn’t necessary, but the men insisted, so she caved. Meanwhile, Kyle was over the moon with his new bike. He also shared stories with the men about how Mrs. Bennet helped him with math and how he manages to finish his homework easily with her help.

One of the men laughed and said, “Did you know Mrs. Bennet hated math as a child?”

Kyle was shocked. “Did she?”

“Yes,” the man said. “She didn’t like how it was taught in school, so when she became a teacher, she devised her own way to make it more interesting. That’s why all the children loved her and math! Guess you love her too, kiddo!”

Kyle nodded, knowing the men were right. It was because of Mrs. Bennet’s fun way of teaching that he gave up his dislike for the subject.

What can we learn from this story?

Don’t leave old people alone. Mrs. Bennet lived alone and had a hard time managing things due to being in a wheelchair. When she fell sick, she really needed help but didn’t tell anyone. Thankfully, Kyle and Amanda decided to help her out.

A good teacher knows how to make their subject seem interesting to even weak students. Kyle absolutely hated math and dreaded taking tutorials for it. But when Mrs. Bennet started teaching him, he eventually gave up his dislike for the subject.

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