Boy Cries Daily after Lessons, Mom Jumps in to Help after Seeing New School Rules – Story of the Day

A boy who loves school starts crying after lessons, and his mother doesn’t understand what’s wrong until she checks his backpack and learns about the new school rules.


Dana knew her boy was perfect. Unlike other kids, Jack never complained, loved books, and enjoyed his lessons. Every day, on the way home, he told Dana about his day at school, and for those 20 minutes, they didn’t talk about anything else.

School is where we’ve all had some terrible, embarrassing stories, but Jack… didn’t seem to have any! Dana proudly listened as her boy spoke about the tests he was acing, the projects he was working on, and how he was excited about the upcoming science exhibition.

But one day, Jack didn’t talk about his lessons at all! He silently sat in the car and kept staring out the window…

“So, how were your lessons today, honey? Did you do anything exciting?” Dana asked cheerfully.

Jack shook his head. “It was… the same!”

“Same?” asked Dana. “How is it that you don’t have anything special to talk about your classes today?”

“Mom,” said Jack. “Can we please not talk about my lessons? I’m tired.”

Dana almost applied the brakes. “Jack, honey,” she said. “Are you OK?”

“I’m OK, Mom,” he replied, still looking out the window. “I just want to go home!”

Jack was never tired after school and wouldn’t stop talking about his lessons. Dana was worried but didn’t press him further, thinking he had had a rough day. Perhaps he fought with a friend?

So she didn’t give it much thought and hoped Jack would be fine the next day. But he was not. Dana noticed her boy got into the car in tears every day after school, and the talks about his lessons had long stopped.

Was Jack being bullied at school? was Dana’s first conclusion about her son’s bad mood. If he were, she would make sure the bullies saw hell.

One day, Dana arrived early to pick Jack up and saw him storm out of the school gate in tears. She waited for him to get into the car, then told him she’d be right back and decided to talk to his class teacher.


“Oh, Mrs. Williams! What a pleasure to meet you!” the class teacher said.

People who prey on a child’s innocence are the most pathetic.

“Please call me Dana,” she said politely. “Mrs. Wood, I just wanted to ask if everything is OK at school. I mean, Jack has been upset for the past few days. He’s crying every day after lessons, so I was worried if, you know, he’s being bullied at school. I tried asking him if something was wrong, but he refused to talk.”

“Bullying?” gasped Mrs. Woods. “Oh, that’s not possible! We’re very strict about it, and I’m confident there’s no bullying incident. In fact, Jack seems fine in my classes…”

That afternoon, Jack cried again after school, and Dana grew more worried. Something was very wrong, and she knew Jack wouldn’t talk about it. So that evening, when Jack was at a friend’s house, Dana did something she shouldn’t have done.

She entered her son’s room without his permission and checked his backpack. Inside were books, a yellow-colored pass she hadn’t seen before, and a leaflet that read, “New School Rules.”

Dana gasped in horror as she read the rules. “Is this why Jack has been so worried? They’re doing this to my boy?”

“Students are not permitted to drink water in the classroom during lessons.”

“A student is not permitted to leave the classroom for toilet breaks without the prior permission of the teacher.”


“A student may leave the classroom during lessons no more than twice per month.”

“The pass must be carried by the student in case he/she needs to leave the classroom.”

The rules only became weirder and crueler as Dana read on, and she couldn’t believe her son was being subjected to such torture!

“Is it the rules, honey? Is that why you’re worried?” Dana asked Jack during dinner. “I’m sorry I went through your things.”

Jack began crying, and Dana hugged her little boy to comfort him.

“Miss Sandoval… she… she made these rules for everyone, Mom!” he confessed. “One day, I wanted to go to the toilet, and I… I didn’t take her permission. She called me an ‘idiot!’ She hates me, Mom! She treats me badly and says she’ll give me bad grades!”

“Oh my boy,” Dana gently stroked his hair while he cried into her arms. “You’re OK, honey. I’ll make sure this stops, OK, Jack? You’re a beautiful boy! She has no right to put you down or enforce such rules on young children!”

“She… She will hate me more, Mom! She should not know I told you about the rules! She said I’m a boy, and I should not be a crybaby.”

“Oh honey, you’re gonna be OK. She won’t hurt you anymore. We’ll change schools if she creates problems, but not before I’ve spoken to your principal about this. She needs help! She’s crazy!”

So Dana met the school principal, Mr. Gutierrez, the next day, who was shocked and said he had no idea about the rules.

“This is abuse!” he cried. “Oh, I apologize on her behalf, Mrs. Williams. I’ll take this up with the investigation committee, and I’m afraid Miss Sandoval would need to justify herself if she wants to save her career in teaching.”

The school investigated the matter as Mr. Gutierrez had promised, and several students testified about the brutality they were facing because of Miss Sandoval’s “rules.”

Finally, she was suspended from her position and offered to attend sessions, after which her behavior towards students would be re-evaluated. Only if she passed the requirements would she be rehired.

Jack and several other children were, thankfully, saved from the brutal rules, and they could finally return to a peaceful school life. Miss Sandoval had to pay the price for her terrible deeds.

What can we learn from this story?

People who prey on a child’s innocence are the most pathetic. Miss Sandoval was a terrible teacher who made her students’ lives a living hell with her pathetic school rules.
Every child deserves a happy childhood, and school is where they spend most of their time, so parents should keep a close eye on their children’s school life. Dana’s alertness about Jack’s sudden mood change saved him and the other kids from the brutality they suffered under Miss Sandoval.

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