Boy Dies after Floodwater Swept Him Away Soon after Celebrating 11th Birthday with Twin Brother

Nothing hurts more than losing someone close to your heart. A family experienced this firsthand when a gut-wrenching tragedy left them in shambles, claiming the life of their beautiful boy, who had been a true warrior since birth.

They say time heals all wounds, but some cuts are so deep that they can continue to ache for a long time. Grief and loss are inevitable, and nobody can escape them; however, breaking free from the endless cycle of despair, sadness, longing, and distress can be unimaginably difficult sometimes.

For parents especially, coping with child loss, be it unanticipated or expected, can stir up a myriad of emotions that aren’t always easy to handle. While the pain may subside over time, nothing can fill the void left behind or mend the hearts that will forever stay broken. The parents in today’s story underwent a similar scenario.

A Playful Child

Alexander “Cade” Law lived with his family in Bentonville, Arkansas. Born in Johnson, he was a playful child who loved making people happy. He enjoyed goofing around, clicking selfies, jumping in the splashing waves, and riding fast roller coasters.

Cade had just begun fifth grade at Ruth Barker Middle School and was thrilled about his studies, teachers, and buddies.

Cade loved singing songs, adding to his Pokemon cards collection, playing video games, skate-rolling, and watching movies. He lived every day to the fullest and was always ready for something new and exciting. There was certainly never a dull day in this youngster’s life.

A Warrior Boy

Most importantly, he loved visiting Camp War Eagle and hanging out with his partner-in-crime, his identical twin brother, Chandler Law. The two brothers were practically inseparable and shared a lovely connection.

In addition to being a cheerful and vibrant child, Cade was also courageous. The warrior boy had survived two brain surgeries and multiple hospitalizations and had been a fighter since birth.

A Life-Altering Day

Everyone who met Cade was in awe of his strength. His loved ones were incredibly proud of him and looked forward to seeing him prosper in life. Everything was picture-perfect for the Law family until an unspeakable tragedy turned their lives upside down.

One rainy day in August 2022, Cade and Chandler were playing outside with their best friend Meg and his mother. The boys were racing paper boats they had made and huge chunks of mulch in the rainwater.

An Unfortunate Occurrence

The twin brothers’ mom, Chrissy Law, noted that the water wasn’t so deep during that time, and there was no sign of trouble. However, nobody knew there was an uncovered sewer drain at the end of the field.

Chrissy said that when her sons reached the end of the field, they noticed a small whirlpool and threw in some wood chips. When Cade reached forward to grab one of the chips, he was reportedly swept into a storm drain.

A Hero

While Chandler tried his best to grab his brother, the water’s flow was too strong. According to Chrissy, her sons’ best friend’s mother jumped after Cade to save his life, but she too was taken down the sewer drain.

Sadly, young Cade passed away on Monday, August 29, leaving his family and friends in pieces. Per Chrissy, Meg’s mom is hospitalized and has been on life support ever since. Regarding her efforts to save young Cade, Chrissy shared:

“She is a true hero. It gives me comfort to know that my baby was not down there alone. Please keep her family in your thoughts. We are all hoping for a miracle.”

Gone Too Soon

The Law family was shattered after losing their precious boy, who had celebrated his eleventh birthday a few days before the tragic incident. Cade had just begun fifth grade at Ruth Barker Middle School and was thrilled about his studies, teachers, and buddies.

In a GoFundMe fundraiser created for the late youngster, Cade’s family thanked the first responders who bravely brought him home to them.

Never Forgotten

Moreover, the Laws also appreciated the outpour of love and support they had received from friends and strangers during their difficult time. Chrissy mentioned:

“There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world. Cade’s life may have ended far too soon, but his presence and impact on our family will never be forgotten.”

As of September 2, over $25,500 have been raised on the GoFundMe account, surpassing the $25,000 goal. The collected amount will help cover the expenses related to the youngster’s final rites.

The Heartbroken Mother

Young Cade’s family continues to reel from his loss. Chrissy narrated the heart-shattering incident in a Facebook post, where she confirmed that her beloved son was no more. The grief-stricken mom also wrote:

“I can not even describe this pain. I can not even imagine how life will go on without him. I can not imagine Chandler without his twin. He was so very amazing. And loved so very much.”

Bentonville Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Boydston and Deputy Director of transportation for the city Dan Weese shared their deepest condolence with the bereaved family. They also urged people to be cautious during heavy rain and flash floods and refrain from playing in the rain.

Comments from Users

Many netizens left encouraging and supportive messages for the Law family on social media:

“Praying so hard for you and your boy. There are absolutely no words of comfort at this time so we will try to lift you up in prayer.”
— (@miranda.ziegemeier) September 2, 2022

“I cannot imagine. Prayers for you and your family and the other family involved.”
— (@donna.bramlet) September 2, 2022

“Sending prayers during this time and the days to come!”
— (@angela.pritchard.9) September 2, 2022

Our thoughts are with the young boy’s family, especially his mom and twin brother. May God ease their pain and give them the strength to bear this heavy loss. Shine on in the heavens, sweet Cade.

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