Boy Secretly Gives His Lunch to Street Girl Daily and It Helps Her Find an Adoptive Family – Story of the Day

Instead of taking his lunch to school every day, a boy would secretly give it to a street girl. His classmates didn’t know this, and they mocked him for not having food, without knowing that the boy would end up giving the girl a permanent family later.


Brian Williams left the house with a lunchbox full of food every day. His mom enjoyed preparing homemade meals for him, believing home-cooked food was much healthier than what they had in the school cafeteria.

Every time Brian went home from school, his lunchbox would be wiped empty. Mrs. Williams was pleased, thinking Brian enjoyed the meals she prepared for him. However, she wondered why he would head straight to the kitchen to pounce on more food every afternoon.

“You’re really such a growing boy, huh? Go ahead and eat,” she once said, patting his head as he ate the snack she had prepared. Brian nodded silently as he continued to devour his food.

Little did Mrs. Williams know that Brian had been going to school without food. His classmates would mock him, thinking he didn’t have enough money for home-cooked meals or paid meals at the cafeteria.

“Do you want my leftovers?” one of his classmates quipped. Brian paid no attention to them. Instead, he hid in the playground while everyone ate their meals in the classroom or cafeteria. He’d sit on the swings alone, waiting for the bell to ring for their next class.

Soon, his teachers grew concerned about all the teasing Brian received from his classmates and they wondered why he never ate during lunch break. They knew he came from a well-off family and that he would have been given money to buy food at the cafeteria if he didn’t have lunch.

Whenever they’d ask him where his food was, he’d make excuses — he forgot his lunch at home, he wasn’t hungry, he ate before lunchtime. But his teachers weren’t convinced, so they decided to give Brian’s mom a call.

“Brian hasn’t been eating, Mrs. Williams,” a teacher revealed. “He’d give us excuses every day about why he didn’t have lunch with him.”

“But that’s impossible!” Mrs. Williams exclaimed. “He leaves with his lunch box every day and I make sure that lunchbox is filled. Where does the food go?” she said, surprised.


That afternoon, when Brian went home, his mom asked what he did with the food. Brian simply said he would eat it before class when he was often hungry. His mom believed him, so she bought him a bigger lunchbox to accommodate more food.

Thinking Brian had more than enough food for school, his mom called his teacher to check on him. However, his teacher revealed that the boy came without lunch yet again. “I’ll look into it,” she told Brian’s teacher.

The following day, Mrs. Williams handed Brian his lunchbox before leaving. When he left, she decided to follow him from afar and noticed that instead of turning right towards the school, he turned left towards the park.

When he got to the park grounds, Brian sat next to a girl about his age. She looked frail and was wearing torn, worn-out clothes. He handed her his food, and she began to eat quickly.

Everything became clear to Mrs. Williams, and she couldn’t help but shed a tear. Her young boy was so selfless that he was sacrificing his lunch daily for this young girl.

Mrs. Williams approached Brian and the young girl and told them that she had seen everything. Brian was surprised and scared his mom would get angry at him. The young girl hid behind Brian’s back, thinking she was in trouble.

“You’re alright. Don’t worry,” she smiled, holding her son’s hand. “You should have just told me, honey. I would have made lunch for both of you every day.”


“I’m sorry, mom. I just thought you’d make me stop visiting the park. This is Melissa. She lives at the orphanage nearby, but they barely have enough food for everyone, so she goes to the park begging for food. I came across her one day while biking, and I told her to meet me here every morning so I could give her food,” Brian revealed.

Mrs. Williams made sure to express how proud she was of Brian for being a compassionate young boy. She promised they’d take care of Melissa and give her food whenever she needed it.

That day, while Brian was in school, Mrs. Williams decided to give his teachers a call. She revealed that Brian had been giving his lunch to a poor girl every day, which is why he hadn’t been eating.

His teachers couldn’t believe this and invited Mrs. Williams to go to school the next day. “I think this is a story worth telling the other kids,” they said. “They have been teasing Brian for not having any food to eat, but this could really teach them a lesson.”

Mrs. Williams agreed to go and shared Brian’s story with the class. “I really thought Brian loved the home-cooked meals I made him,” she told them. “He’d come home with an empty lunchbox every day, which motivated me to cook even more! Little did I know, he’d go to school without food.”

Brian’s classmates wondered where Mrs. Williams’ story was going. They were surprised to hear that Brian would leave the house with food daily, as they never saw him eating.

“It turns out he’d drop by the park every day before going to school. He’d meet up with a young girl your age who had nothing to eat. He’d give her his meal so she wouldn’t have to go hungry. No wonder he’d head straight to our kitchen every day after school to eat!” Mrs. Williams shared.

The children were surprised to hear this and felt ashamed that they had been teasing Brian. Some of his classmates, who were part of the school newspaper, decided to write a story about Brian’s generosity.

The news reached the parents of other students, and one family ultimately decided to adopt Melissa. Not only did she find a loving family, but she also started studying at the same school, where she and Brian became best friends.

What can we learn from this story?

Don’t judge a person so quickly for you do not know what’s going on in their lives. Brian’s classmates were quick to judge him for not having any food to eat in school. Instead of helping him, they mocked him and chose not to associate themselves with him, thinking he was poor.
When you’re in a position to help someone in need, do it. Brian didn’t hesitate to help the poor girl even if it meant not having any food to eat in school. He knew that he’d have more opportunities to eat, while Melissa had to wait for someone to help her every day.

Share this story with your loved ones. It might inspire them and make their day.


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