Boy Shaves Head to Support Mom Fighting Cancer, Sees All His Friends Bald Next Day – Story of the Day

A boy breaks his piggy bank and even shaves his head to support his mother fighting cancer. Little did he know that his sacrifice would return tenfold at his school fair the next day.

Nothing can be as touching as a child making a heartwarming sacrifice for their parents. But the sacrifice 10-year-old Ryder made to support his mother Annie, who was fighting cancer, broke her heart.

One night, Ryder saw his mother crying and learned she could no longer afford her last chemotherapy treatment. He broke his piggy bank and offered her all his savings…

Although it touched Annie’s heart, she told him it wasn’t enough. Ryder was so disappointed and hurried to the washroom to cry alone.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror. It hurt him terribly to see his mother, who had long hair, and was now bald after undergoing chemotherapy. In a bid to emotionally support her, Ryder brought an electric shaver and shaved his head.

“Why did you guys shave your heads? What’s going on?” exclaimed Ryder when the boys took off their hats.

“Oh my God, Ryder!” Annie cried after seeing him. She was moved by what her son had done by sacrificing his hair.

“Mom, I am with you in this. And you are not alone,” Ryder cried along, knowing little he would be mocked by his best friends the next day.

“Hey, look, someone in our class has lost all his hair!” Ryder’s friends laughed when he arrived. A school fair had been organized in the playground, and many people, including parents, were flocking around the stalls.

“I got to go,” said Ryder, shyly covering his head in a hoodie. He was carrying two bags stuffed with some of his favorite toys, books, and recycled craft items he intended to sell at the fair.

Ryder was so worried. It hurt him that his best friends would even mock him without knowing why he had sacrificed his hair.

As time passed, things were quickly getting sold in all the other stalls except Ryder’s. He did not find time to put up a fancy display or banner to attract buyers.
But he was determined to make a sale for his mother. So he took out a pen and a giant piece of paper and decided to create a sign that read: Help My Mom Fight Cancer.

“Jesus, please help me. I shaved my head to support my mother. But all are making fun of me without understanding my motive. And I have to sell these items and help her with some money. Please don’t let me down,” he prayed.

The fair was about to end, and Ryder had managed to successfully sell most of his items. He was about to leave when his three friends surrounded him.

“Not now, guys. I’m leaving. Quit it,” he frowned.

The boys blocked Ryder’s way. He thought they had come to mock him again, but to his shock, they took off their hats, and their heads were shaved clean.

“WHAT? Why did you guys shave your heads?” Ryder was startled. “What’s going on?”

As it turned out, the boys saw his sign about his mother, and they were moved by it. They felt guilty for picking fun at him without knowing he had shaved his head to support his mother fighting cancer.

Ryder’s friends shaved their heads to help with Ryder’s cause.

“Y-You guys did this for me? I cannot believe my eyes,” cried Ryder. After an emotional group hug, the boys gave Ryder the money they made at the school fair.

He was startled. “Guys, are you serious?” he cried. “Thank you so much. I will never forget your help.”

“Ryder, please take this as well,” he heard someone say from the crowd.

He turned around and saw a group of parents approaching him. They contributed more money, and Ryder had approximately $11,000 with him in no time. He was so moved and thanked everyone for their heartwarming gesture.

“Don’t thank us, Ryder. We should thank you for helping us realize our mistake. A person is not to be judged by appearance. We’re sorry we laughed at you. We’re sorry, buddy! Thanks for helping us understand that even a small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s life.”

Following the incredible miracle, Annie’s treatment was fully covered. She recovered shortly after and invited Ryder’s friends and their families for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Annie was proud of her son and felt blessed to raise such a wonderful boy.

What can we learn from this story?

The good deed you do to help your loved ones goes a long way. Ryder had no idea that by shaving his head and selling small items at the school fair to raise money for his mother, he would inspire many to do the same.
Even a small act of kindness can save a person’s life. Ryder’s mother thought his sole act of shaving his head was for nothing, not knowing it would eventually bring in the money they needed for her treatment.

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