Boy Uses Spare Time Knitting Hats For Children In Hospital To Show Them ‘They’re Loved’

It takes strength, patience, and unconditional love to raise kids right. The world sets so many standards for how they should act and what is ideal that it can be challenging to let kids shine for who they truly are. Children are amazing. They’re brimming with potential, have the purest hearts, and have what it takes to change the world.


That’s why it’s so important to create an accepting and nurturing environment for them, even on stormy days when their behavior makes parents question whether they’re doing it right.While there is no specific set of rules that dictate the right way to raise kids, there are moments when who they are and what they do shine so bright that parents are assured of a job well done.

Those moments also brighten the world and inspire others to believe hope always exists.

This is 10-year-old Garrett Lowry’s contribution – his heart of gold.
He is simply extraordinary. He’s an ace baseball player (earning himself the nickname “Bam!”), is respectful toward everyone and took up knitting because he wanted kids in the hospital to feel loved, especially amidst what they’re going through.


When it comes to his knitting hobby, Garrett told KUSA:

“Some people say it’s unusual, but it’s just a part of my life.”

You read that right – Garrett is yet another incredible human being breaking stereotypes and showing everyone that hobbies know no gender or age, and kindness is life-changing.

He attended a class with his mother and grandmother to learn how to knit hats for the children at Children’s Hospital Colorado. When asked about the motivation behind Garrett’s heartwarming initiative, his mother explained to Huffington Post,

“It’s really about giving back to them and giving them something to make them feel better. He just felt like it was something he could give kids who are going through chemotherapy to let them know someone cares about them.”


The director of the Association of Volunteers at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Kathleen McBride, was so pleased with Garrett’s gifts to the children.

“It is so powerful for young people to give so generously of themselves for the benefit of their peers.”

From 15 hats to 50, Garrett has definitely touched the lives of many children in need of comfort. Kathleen adds,

“They will provide a source of comfort for kids during their hospital stay and long after they have been discharged.”

Impressively, instead of carrying on with his usual activities after the knitting project, Garrett decided to keep going. His generous heart knows no bounds. Since then, he’s participated in Ronald McDonald House activities. Garrett even celebrated a birthday by collecting gifts he could donate to sick kids.

He told KUSA:

“I want children to feel better about themselves. And feel that they are appreciated and that they’re loved.”

Without expecting praises and returns for all the beautiful things he’s done so far, Garrett is changing the world and setting an excellent example for his peers and everyone who’s witnessed his work. We can’t wait to see what else he’ll do! We’re tipping our hats off to this angel for sending joy, love, and comfort to the kids who struggle through sickness. Let’s not forget to thank his amazing parents for raising such a kind-hearted young man.

Watch the video below for Garrett’s impactful story!


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