‘Bring Back My Quintuplets’: Poor Dad Repeats Same Prayer Every Day Until He Receives a Letter ‘From God’ – Story of the Day

Christopher and Alice had a beautiful family, but after Alice’s death, their family was torn apart. But through Christopher’s faith, he was able to bring them back together.

Christopher and Alice were high school sweethearts who married right out of high school. They met when they were teenagers, and the chemistry between them was undeniable.

As their relationship evolved over the years, they were the envy of many of their peers for finding what many take a lifetime to find. When Alice’s friends asked her how she found the “right gentleman” so early, she simply answered in a slightly joking tone:

“Honestly, I just prayed. I’ve always wanted to get married since I was little. So I just started praying early. If you want the same thing, you should start as soon as possible.”

Alice was a woman of faith, while Christopher did not believe in God. Over the years, they began going to church together, but Christopher only did so to placate his wife.

The couple had always wanted a large family and hoped for maybe three children. But they were never ready for what fate had in store for them.

Alice gave birth to quintuplets and Christopher was stunned because Alice had once dreamed of having quintuplets.

After the birth of his children, Christopher’s faith was renewed and he and his family became more involved in the Church.

They were a happy and loving family.

Christopher had decided to give up his job and look after the children full-time because they were too young for a nanny. Alice had taken a new job that paid better than Christopher’s, so she took on the role of breadwinner for the family. They both played their roles as best they could.

Alice’s parents didn’t think much of Christopher or the way their household was run. They despised the idea of ​​Christopher looking after the children while Alice worked and saw it as a sign of weakness on Christopher’s part.

“Hey darling! I wasn’t expecting you so soon. I was…” Christopher called as he opened the door to an unexpected surprise.

Also, Alice’s parents looked down on Christopher because he was an orphan from a poor background. They felt that Alice could do better, but she was adamant about her choice of mate.

Alice understood that Christopher’s work and his role in their marriage were priceless. She was aware that not many men would sacrifice their careers and especially their pride for their families. Even her friends were jealous of how wonderful Alice’s husband was.

But one fateful night, Christopher received a visit that would turn his world upside down. He was making dinner for the kids and Alice, who was on her way home from a business trip.

As he finished cooking dinner, he heard a car pull up. Christopher was delighted at Alice’s return and immediately rushed to the door to help her with her bags.

“Hey darling! I wasn’t expecting you this early. I was…” Christopher called when he opened the door and got an unexpected surprise. Two police officers stood in front of him. They both took off their hats, their eyes filled with regret.

Officers explained that Alice had died in an accident and asked Christopher to help them identify the body. That day, when Christopher realized his wife was gone, he lost the little faith he had gained.

“God, please bring my children back to me.”

The following weeks were a nightmare for Christopher. His in-laws threw him out of his house and took his children away from him. He was stripped of parental rights because he had no job or home.

The children were in despair because not only had they lost their mother, but now they could no longer see their father. They were never close to their grandparents and felt alone as a result.

Christopher found himself on the streets and struggling to find a job in his condition. Nobody paid any attention to him because he looked desperate, poor and homeless. At this point, Christopher was in complete despair.

He often got his free meals from a local church. One day he decided he had nothing left to lose and if there was a time to call on God, it was now. From that day on he prayed the same prayer every day:

“God, please bring my children back to me.”

For two months he prayed the same prayer every day. Then one day he found a letter “from God” near where he slept. It contained a job offer and a note that read, “You don’t need an expensive suit. Come as you are. For God accepts us as we are.”

Christopher went to the interview and got the job. His new boss, Bruce, explained that he had sent the letter. He had overheard his prayers in church and it revealed his guilt in the death of his neglected son. He took it as a sign from God to help Christopher.

Christopher was very grateful and his faith had never been stronger. He worked hard in the company and bought a house. Eventually he convinced the court to restore parental rights to him and they were family again.

What can we learn from this story?

God works through people in mysterious ways. God answered Christopher’s prayer through Bruce’s act of atonement.
Never give up. Christopher had to endure many trials, but he never gave up trying and eventually praying.
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