Busy Delivery Driver Listens To God Telling Her To Stop And Pray For Stranger – Staff Picks

As FedEx employee Amanda Riggan went about making her deliveries, she felt God tugging on her heart and she obeyed the call. Amanda Riggan has a servant’s heart.

In her spare time, she honors first responders and veterans by surprising them with her homecooked barbecue. But even when she’s on the clock working for FedEx, Amanda looks for ways to help others.

While delivering packages on her route, Amanda came across a lady checking the mailbox. So, she and Amanda struck up a conversation as Amanda walked the packages to the front door.

“I was like ‘How was your holidays?’ And with tears in her eyes, she said it wasn’t good,” Amanda recalled in a video she posted to Facebook.

“She said, ‘He’s sick. My husband’s sick. He has cancer.’” Amanda was unsure of how to respond, so she changed the subject. But the moment stuck in her head as she pulled away.

“I stopped what I was doing. I went back to that neighborhood and rang her doorbell,” Amanda explained. “She came down the stairs, she had tears in her eyes when she saw it was me — she smiled, and I said ‘Ma’am can I pray with you?’ And she just broke down.

She came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight.” This was just the compassion that this stranger needed at that moment.

Amanda is sharing her story on social media to urge others to heed the call of the Lord. When he tugs on your heart, be ready to follow his lead. What an inspiring moment that God placed His hands on.

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