California Boy, 3, Is Fighting for Life After Being Hit While Crossing Road With His Mom

A mother-son duo suffered a horrific hit-and-run accident while crossing the road one evening in a highly unfortunate turn of events. The gut-wrenching incident forever changed their world, ambushing their lives at the least expected moment.


Every parent wishes to provide a loving, safe, and supportive environment for their children where they have opportunities to grow and learn. But sometimes, despite their best efforts, parents might find themselves in unlikely situations where they’re left feeling helpless and broken.

No parent wants to see their kids in trouble; imagine the heartbreak of one mother who lived her worst nightmare when a nerve-wracking incident altered her and her little one’s lives. Here’s the whole story.

When Things Took a Turn

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, Elsa Zelaya and her son, Dominick, were crossing the intersection of Broadaway and 80th Street when they met with a harrowing accident that they had never seen coming.

Just then, a compact black SUV, traveling at over 50 mph in a 35 mph zone, was going northbound on Broadway when it reportedlyt hit the mother and her toddler boy.

A Tragic Incident

The sad incident occurred in an unmarked crosswalk in the Florence area of Los Angeles County, California. According to LAPD Officer Luis Herrera:


“The area has lighting. It has good lighting, enough to be able to see the mother and the kid crossing the street.”

According to the police, the driver of the SUV did not stop to help the victims or identify himself and fled the scene immediately. Zelaya suffered minor injuries following the harrowing accident, but her three-year-old son was left with serious, life-threatening injuries.

A Mother’s Plea

The authorities confirmed that the little boy underwent surgeries and is still undergoing treatment at the Children’s Hospital in critical condition. Per Zelaya, the doctors are not entirely sure if her son will ever fully recover. LAPD Officer Herrera shared:

“He has serious internal injuries. He had some injuries to the brain and the heart. He’s undergone several surgeries right now. He has a long road to recovery.”
Footage of the heart-shattering incident that surfaced online showed the vehicle’s driver decelerating after the crash and then moving ahead. According to Officer Herrera, the case is part of an active investigation, and the police are busy collecting evidence.


While her son fights for his life in the hospital, a distraught Zelaya pleads for the public to help find the driver who hit her and her lovely boy and changed their lives forever.

The Reward

Anyone with details or information about the hit-and-run is requested to contact LAPD’s South Traffic Division at 323-421-2500. Moreover, anonymous tips can also be given through the website

Police are offering a standing reward of up to $25,000 for any information that can help lead to the identity of the driver who reportedly struck Zelaya and Dominick.

Prayers of Healing

When the heart-shattering story of the California mother-son duo was shared on social media, it garnered the attention of several netizens. Take a look at the comments some of them left for Zelaya and her little boy:

“Prayers for this Precious Child God heal him and give him a speedy recovery and Prayers for his mother (sic).”
— (@saundra.dixon.56) October 13, 2022

“Prayers for this beautiful boy hope he makes a speedy recovery.”
— (@melissa.seeger.750) October 13, 2022

“Heart breaking praying for a speedy recovery (sic).”
— (@margene.rivers.7) October 13, 2022

“God Please restore and heal this child completely, comfort his mom and family (sic).”
— (@100057169942255) October 13, 2022

“Prayers for healing and recovery.”
— (@marie.guerra.906) October 14, 2022

We request all AmoMama readers to lift this little boy in prayers, so he can recover and go home to his family soon.

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