California Dad & His Adopted Autistic Daughter Die in Wildfire Right in Front of the Girl’s Mom

A Hemet, California woman lost everything she held dear. A regular day turned into her worst nightmare, leaving her traumatized and alone.


Life is fragile, and disaster can strike when we least expect it. Keeping those closest to us safe isn’t always possible and losing a family member is a painful experience many people face.

One mother and wife endured two tragedies at once. She witnessed a devastating scene, and her shocking ordeal will urge you to cherish your loved ones while you still have them.

They Were a Happy Family

Tina Compton adored her husband, Ian Compton, and she was thrilled when he started the process of adopting her daughter, Mikayla Porter. They were a happy family, and Ian supported Porter, who had autism.

Friend Maurer shared that Tina didn’t understand why her husband didn’t get out of the car. She believed he couldn’t leave Mikayla’s side in her time of need and absolute fear.

The family’s Facebook pages displayed many joyful photos of them making memories and living life to the fullest. Tragically, their time together was cut short, and the world as they knew it changed forever.

The Traumatic Ordeal

Tina and the love of her life lived in the Fairview, Hemet area and never expected the horrific events that occurred in September 2022. A massive fire trapped them and prevented the family of three from evacuating the area.


They were in their car when the unthinkable happened. The high flames stopped their exit routes, and two lives were lost. Porter and Ian didn’t survive the ordeal, and mom Tina was with them when they passed away.

She Tried to Save Them

Tina survived despite having third-degree burns on 30% of her body. Her friend, Danette Maurer, was emotional, and she shared:

“She’s in a lot of pain and she doesn’t want to be alone with the thoughts and memories of them.”

Maurer also noted that her friend tried to find a hose in hopes of bringing some relief, but she was too late to save her husband and daughter.

She Lost Everything Dear to Her

Maurer shared that Tina lost everything that was of value to her—this included her house, belongings, and precious fur babies, who also died during the fire. The friend also said:

“She was screaming. [She] couldn’t figure out anything else to do but pray.”


She Was Saved Miraculously

Tina was in the heart of the tragedy and saw her beloved husband and daughter die. Tina was seriously injured but survived, thanks to a neighbor who was a firefighter. He managed to pull the woman from the car just in time.

Tina’s brother, Tim Chitwood, spoke about the dramatic and shocking scenes:

“The firefighter pulled the door open, and then they yanked her out and pulled her away. The fire just got so close. It just engulfed the car.”

She Needs Support

Friend Maurer shared that Tina didn’t understand why her husband didn’t get out of the car. She believed he couldn’t leave Mikayla’s side in her time of need and absolute fear.

A GoFundMe page was created to assist the woman who would undoubtedly need help rebuilding her life after the horrific trauma and loss. Many families suffered because of the fire, which covered 19,377 acres.

For Tina, a long road of emotional and physical recovery was ahead. With the help of friends, family, and her community, she would hopefully find the strength to continue.

The Online Reaction

The news of the ordeal saddened netizens. Many offered heartfelt messages of love, support, and prayers for strength:

“This is so heartbreaking. Sending prayers, love, and hugs for the mom to be okay and sending her strength to get through this tragic loss of her family.”

– (Melissa Marie Hedlund) September 9, 2022

“So sad. Sending prayers to their families and friends. God bless you all. R.I.P. Ian Compton and Makayla Porter.”

– (Mary Alaimo) September 9, 2022

“I am so very sorry for your great loss. May God bless you with ministering angels to help you during this time of grief.”

– (Elise Lancrain) September 9, 2022

“Heartbreaking. My deepest condolences to their family. Sending Prayers during this difficult time so tragic (sic).”

– (Rebecca Kirkpatrick) September 9, 2022

We send our thoughts and prayers to Tina as she grieves, heals, and navigates life after a horrific incident. May her two loved ones rest in peace.


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