Chicago Boy, 7, Is Shot on His Way to Church in Front of Mom, Dad, and Siblings

It was a typical Sunday morning for a Chicago family when they decided to head to church to attend the service. But right after they reached their destination, they suffered the most heartwrenching trauma that left them in excruciating pain and proved life-altering.


Life isn’t merely composed of black and white areas; it also includes grey regions, which tend to get overlooked sometimes. Often, the monsters and dark notions we read about in books and see in movies might be present around us, revealing their identities from time to time.

No matter how hard we try to shield our loved ones from danger, there can be instances when despite our best efforts, we are left feeling lost and hopeless. A family experienced similar events when an unlikely occurrence turned their lives topsy turvy.

The Barrs

Keshawana and Derrick Barr lived in Chicago, Illinois, with their beautiful family. They loved their children wholeheartedly and reveled in parental bliss.

Legend told the reporter that the gunshot wound ruined his favorite shirt he got for his birthday.

Seven Spectacular Years

One of their boys, Legend Barr, celebrated his seventh birthday in December 2021. Keshawana wished her boy with a touching post on social media:

“Today makes 7 years I have been a mommy and I am so proud of the fun outgoing and loving kid you are growing up to be Legend is seven (sic).”

On Sunday, October 2, 2022, the Barrs decided to go to the church where the children’s grandmother was a pastor. Little did they know what awaited them on the other side.

The Unthinkable Happened

Eventually, the family reached the Universal Community Missionary Baptist Church at 108th & State and were about to park when they noticed something. Keshawana noted that she and her husband saw a stranger peeking inside their grandma’s SUV.


But after that, the unthinkable happened. According to Chicago Police Deputy Chief Larry Snelling, the unknown male offender began firing shots in the direction of the Barr family’s vehicle.

One of the rounds hit the car, and another struck seven-year-old Legend, who was reportedly sitting in the vehicle’s backseat. Regarding the harrowing incident, Keshawana recalled:

“Our son was screaming at us in the back. He was like, ‘I got shot! I got shot in the leg!”

A Harrowing Scene

Legend’s mother said that her family was unnerved by what they witnessed. She added that she and Derrick thought the stranger was grabbing something out of their grandmother’s car, but in reality, he was robbing the vehicle.

Keshawana said that when they turned around, the man pulled out a gun and started shooting at their car. She explained that nobody got out of the car, and her husband drove them to the hospital. But police said something different unfolded before the rounds were fired.

According to the Chicago police, one of the family members confronted the suspect, after which he shot at their car and fled the scene. On the contrary, Keshawana noted, “Nobody was coming after [the suspect]. Nobody even knew what he was doing.”


Excruciating Pain

Young Legend’s family took him to Roseland Hospital, after which he was transferred to Comer Children’s Hospital, where his condition was stabilized, per Chief Snelling.

Keshawana stated that the bullet affected her boy’s femur, and the doctors said he would need surgery. She told Chicago Tribune:

“[Legend] is in a lot of pain and is having a hard time sleeping due to nightmares.”

Per Keshawana, her son underwent an almost four-hour surgery following the gut-wrenching incident. “I’m crying all day. I can’t even function. I can’t do anything right now,” said the devastated mom as she stepped away from her boy’s hospital bed.

The Youngster Shared His Thoughts

The Barr family said that Derrick and their other three kids, aged six, three, and one, were also in the car at the time of the shooting but didn’t get hurt.

Because of his severe injury, Legend’s family said he might take months to heal and get back to doing the things he enjoyed, including basketball. In a brief interview with FOX 32 Chicago, the young boy expressed:

“My teams gonna be without a basketball player. I gotta wait until I sign up again for basketball (sic).”

The Online Fundraiser

Legend told the reporter that the gunshot wound ruined his favorite shirt he got for his birthday. His mother has set up an online fundraiser to help manage her son’s medical expenses and find a place to stay after his surgery.

As of October 5, over $5,500 of the $7,000 goals have been generated through the GoFundMe page. The heartbroken mom stated:

“My whole family is traumatized and hurt from this senseless act of violence.”

Messages of Support

Several netizens shared messages of support, love, and encouragement with the Barrs on social media:

“Praying for this young man to have a full speedy recovery.”
— (@ssnyder21) October 4, 2022

“Sending prayers for the little guy and his family.”
— (@michele.klein.397) October 4, 2022

“I hope this handsome young man heals well and quickly.”
— (@libby.hardel) October 4, 2022

Prayers for the Young Boy

Per Keshawana, her sweet Legend is going through a painstakingly difficult time, mentally and physically. She mentioned:

“Legend’s just in a lot of pain right now, and he’s really mentally kind of out of it right now. He won’t let us open doors and windows in here. He’s going through a lot.”

We wish this young boy a speedy recovery and pray he can return to doing all the things he loves. Please keep Legend and his family in your prayers.


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