Church Has Message For Thieves Whole Stole Their AC Units

This church in Woodstock, Ontario was recently victimized by thieves but they were able to keep a good sense of humor about the whole thing.


Their air conditioning units were swiped and we do not have to tell you that this is not the time of year for this type of theft. We cannot begin to imagine how frustrated these churchgoers were once they realized what had taken place here.

While this is obviously a terrible occurrence, the sign that the church put up in the wake of the robbery will have you cracking up.

“Whoever stole our AC units, keep one, it is hot where ur going,” the sign now reads, as shared on Reddit by u/jackgoddard22. If we had been the ones to swipe these units, we would already be sweating. This church is not crying about what has taken place here, they are simply going to laugh it off.


It takes us back to when we were children and our parents would tell us that they were not mad at us, just let down by us. It’s the sort of thing that will have you second-guessing yourself and wanting to rectify whatever your parents were let down about. If anything, these criminals are probably already having serious doubts about whether they should have done this or not.


We cannot wait to hear more about what happens next. Hopefully, this church was able to come up with some sort of cooling alternative before the next sermon. Otherwise, these folks are going to be sweltering during services and we do not wish that on anyone that we know this summer.

Summer is already inconvenient enough without having your house of worship turned into a sauna because of the selfish actions of a few scofflaws. If they expected this church to go full fire and brimstone about this, they have the wrong location. These parishioners are more than willing to take things in stride.


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