Colleagues Shocked When Boss Proposes To Janitor Everyone Made Fun Of – Story of the day

Sometimes people do the craziest things in the name of love. When Peter did his best to win Karen’s affections, she would initially reject her advances. Soon after, she realized that he was much more than she appeared to be.


Karen was raised to follow a specific path in life, and for the most part, she had made it. She finished law school in record time and took over her parents’ law firm at age 32.

Her family always wanted the best for her and encouraged her to find a partner with a good status. “We don’t want to be fooled by some crazy scam artist. Stay with your people and you will always be safe, ”her father, David, told him.

Despite having dated important men in the corporate world, Karen had had little luck in romance. She had dated partners from competing successful law firms, politicians, and businessmen.

Every relationship she’d had had been fleeting in nature. When she thought that she had found someone special, she realized that they had nothing in common, apart from their financial background.

The men expected her to be impressed with them, even though she was just as hard-working and successful as any of them.

Why can’t any of these men make me fall in love? I feel like I’m dating the same person over and over again. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic,” Karen told her friend Lisa.

“The heart wants what the heart wants. Maybe the right man for you will come from the place you least expect,” Lisa replied. There came a time when Karen was about to marry a technological millionaire.

Unfortunately, she discovered that he had been cheating on her. Rumors had started circulating in her office that the cleaner, Peter, was Karen’s secret admirer.

She began to remember that Peter always held the door open for her. She had also been finding beautiful flowers on her desk in the morning.

“Dirty Peter has fallen in love with the boss! Be careful, we don’t want her to stink like you!” The firm’s employees used to say, mocking him.

Years ago, he dreamed of being like them. He was studying at law school, but he had to drop out to take care of his sick father.

“Listen, Peter. I know you’re trying to be sweet. But this is inappropriate. I’m your boss. Also, if m ale employees see you flirting with me, they might think they can do the same. No offense, obviously,” Karen told Peter.


Her boss’s words had hurt her. He always had a hard time at the firm.

Despite being of a similar age, he did not have the same background or the same opportunities as his superiors. He had taken that job at the law firm as a way to remember his past opportunities.

Out of desperation and infatuation with Karen, Peter hatched a secret plan. Later that night, she was having dinner with a successful businessman named Chris. The two were getting along well and had been talking for a while.

Both allowed their drivers to leave early, as they would go home independently.

When they were leaving the restaurant, a couple of criminals attacked them in the street.

“Give us all the money now!” the assailants yelled.

Chris immediately ran to his car to escape, leaving Karen alone with the bandits. At that moment, Peter ran out of a nearby pub and chased away the criminals.

“My God, thank you so much. She was very scared,” she told Karen as she hugged him.

The man suggested to his boss that she write down his number so that she could notify him when she got home safely. The woman agreed, but when Peter pulled the phone away from her, Karen took notice.

One of the miscreants was on Peter’s phone wallpaper, and the two were clearly friends.

“What’s going on? Why is that guy on your phone?” she asked.

“I can explain it. It was a joke. They weren’t going to hurt you or anything. I just wanted you to see me as a hero. I’m so sorry,” said the janitor.

“What kind of stupid joke is that, Peter? You are fired. Get out!” Karen told her before starting to run towards her car. As tears streamed down her face, she heard a voice behind her yell, “LOOK OUT!”

She felt a hand grab her arm and pull her back hard. As she fell to the ground, she saw a car run over Peter.

The woman crawled to the scene of the accident and realized that he was under the car that had hit him. Immediately, she called an ambulance and he was taken to a hospital.

She also drove to the medical center and waited for the man to come out of surgery. A few hours later, a doctor came out to brief Karen on the Peter situation.


“The patient is in critical condition. He is going to recover, but it will take some time before he can walk properly again, ”said the doctor.

“Alright. By the way, I will cover all the expenses of your operation. I know how expensive it can be,” Karen said. She then went to visit Peter in his hospital room.

When the man regained consciousness and saw Karen, he quickly asked, “Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine thanks. You saved my life, Peter,” she replied.

“I guess the joke is forgiven now,” he quipped.

Karen laughed before responding, “Listen, I know I told you you were fired, but I’d like to make you an offer. I’ve heard some rumors about you at the office. They say you dropped out of law school.”

“I would like to give you the opportunity to come back and finish your studies. You saved my life and it’s the least I can do for you,” Karen said.“Me gustaría darte la oportunidad de que regreses y termines tus estudios. Me salvaste la vida y es lo menos que puedo hacer por ti”, dijo Karen.

Peter accepted the offer, but still had to recover from the accident. During that time, Karen visited him daily in the hospital until he was released.Peter aceptó la oferta, pero todavía tenía que recuperarse del accidente. Durante ese tiempo, Karen lo visitó diariamente en el hospital hasta que le dieron de alta.

He then wheeled him into the office, where he was greeted like a hero. It was the first time they had shown him appreciation in this way since he had started working at the firm.Luego lo llevó a la oficina en silla de ruedas, donde fue recibido como un héroe. Era la primera vez que le demostraban aprecio de esa manera desde que había comenzado a trabajar en la firma.

However, to his confusion and that of all his colleagues, his boss, Karen, got down on one knee in front of him. Nobody could believe it.Sin embargo, para su confusión y la de todos sus colegas, su jefa, Karen, se arrodilló frente a él. Nadie lo podía creer.

“I know this is crazy, but I don’t care. No one had ever done anything for me like what you did, and to be honest, I was even impressed by your joke with those miscreants.”“Sé que esto es una locura, pero no me importa. Nadie había hecho por mí algo como lo que tú hiciste, y para ser honesta, incluso me impresionó tu broma con esos malhechores”.

“No one had ever done that for me either. My friend once told me that she could find love in random places with the people we least imagined.“Nadie había hecho eso por mí tampoco. Mi amiga me dijo una vez que podría encontrar el amor en lugares aleatorios con las personas que menos nos podíamos imaginar”.

And he couldn’t have been more right. Peter, a janitor. Future lawyer. My super hero. Will you marry me?” Karen asked.

“Of course! And thanks for not bringing me to my knees,” he joked.

Months later, Karen and Peter got married. The two started a family and had two children together. Four years later, he finished his law degree and started working at the same firm where he used to be a janitor.

What can we learn from this story?

There’s more to a person than money: Karen judged Peter by his financial situation when, in reality, they had more in common than she thought.
Some people will make the ultimate sacrifice for you: Karen decided to wait for the right man to come into her life, and it was the right choice. Some people will leave you to fend for yourself, others will risk their lives for you.

This story is inspired by the daily life of our readers and has been written by a professional writer. Any resemblance to actual names or locations is purely coincidental. All images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Share your story with us, it could change someone’s life. If you want to share your story, send it to .


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