‘Color Doesn’t Matter’: Boy Walks up to Strange Lady and She Rocks Him to Sleep Like Her Own Son

Isaiah and his grown-up female friend show that there is still hope for humanity following a tight hug shared at a soccer game. These buddies only met two weeks before displaying such genuine affection.

In 2018, a Georgian resident, Star Balloon-Bradley, took her nephew to a high school soccer game. The young Isaiah of African-American descent met an unlikely friend, a white female adult, and a mother to a 15-year-old girl.

Two weeks later, on their second meeting, Isaiah was seen in a locking hug with the same stranger. This time, their relationship had advanced from merely chit-chatting to an undeniable closeness.

When Balloon-Bradley approached her nephew’s pal, Mrs. Angela, to apologize for the bother, the woman refused to give Isaiah up. Instead, they remained in each other’s embrace.

Eventually, a photo of the loving moment was captured, and many internet users gushed about the bond between the young black child and the white adult woman.


The chronicle of their first meeting was detailed in Balloon-Bradley’s Facebook post that had thousands of likes and comments. According to the viral feed, she took Isaiah to a high school soccer game, where the young lad noticed Mrs. Angela.

He walked up to the stranger, and they talked for about twenty minutes before he settled comfortably on her lap, as if they shared a history.

Mrs. Angela did not mind the chit-chat or familiarity with the little boy, but she left the game when it was time to meet her 15-year-old daughter.


Two weeks later, Balloon-Bradley and her nephew attended another high school game, and that was when she noticed the young boy’s fondness for the stranger.

Isaiah leaped for joy when he noticed Mrs. Angela, who waved, and they reunited without hesitation. Instead of a discussion, the young lad rested his body on hers, and she patted him. According to Balloon-Bradley:

“I thought their interaction would be the same as last time, but I was wrong. Isaiah walked right up to her smiling, crawled in her lap, and laid his head down on her shoulder….This lady patted and rocked Isaiah to sleep like she had given birth to him.”

Balloon-Bradley felt embarrassed and apologized while attempting to get her nephew off the stranger’s lap. However, Mrs. Angela revealed that she enjoyed the moment, adding that Isaiah was her new friend. She also admitted he was no bother while mentioning that sharing such a warm embrace was priceless.


Before concluding her lengthy writeup, Balloon-Bradley admitted being overwhelmed by the kindness, adding that “it goes to show color doesn’t matter to a lot of people.”

Isaiah’s aunt, in her euphoric state, captured the invaluable photo but forgot to ask for the stranger’s identity. Still, this did not stop the commenters from admiring the unique friendship, oblivious of the racial differences or age gap.

A few commenters used words like “priceless,” “awesome,” “just beautiful,” and “love always conquers all/everybody” to express their feelings.

Eventually, the post caught the attention of Mrs. Angela, who freely gave up her identity and felt captivated by the profound love she received. The woman shared her thoughts on the friendship, adding that her young pal is irresistibly charming. In her words:

“Isaiah is absolutely charming…humbled by the kind words.”

This story warms the hearts of many despite not being recent. It shows there’s hope for the human race and proves that genuine love and affection can be found in the little things.

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