‘Come Here, Little Fella!’ Mom Sees Someone Take Her Son from Crib on Babycam — Story of the Day

A mother is jolted awake in the middle of the night by strange deadly silence in her baby’s room. She checks the baby cam and freezes after it reveals a shadowy figure taking her newborn son from the crib. With a racing heart, the mother bolts to her child’s room before it’s too late.

Growing up and being the only daughter, Sally always felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Her parents showered her with love and affection and pampered her with the best of everything. However, the girl’s world was shattered when her dad and mom divorced over ‘irreconcilable differences’ when she was eight.

While Sally’s dad happily moved on with his new family, her mom Lisa was heartbroken. Two years passed, and it pricked Sally’s heart whenever she watched her mom still struggling to let go. The girl knew she couldn’t just keep watching and decided to do something to make her mom happy.

So when Sally learned her favorite teacher, Mr. Adams, was the most eligible bachelor in school, she set out to bring a smile back on her mom’s face by arranging a secret date that would change everything.

Lisa had an old telescope she rarely used, so Sally had asked her to donate it to a science exhibition. The girl then snuck into Mr. Adams’ office after school one day and left a note on his table, inviting him to collect an old telescope from her mother at their house.

To her delight, the teacher agreed to visit the following afternoon, and Sally couldn’t wait to see her mom’s face light up with joy after seeing Mr. Adams. If Sally only knew how things would take a dark turn in her life very soon…

“Oh, Paris! Don’t get me started on Paris! Whenever I visit, I never miss Louvre Museum!” Lisa chuckled as she sipped champagne from her glass. She could not resist how she and Mr. Adams loved the same things in life.

They had a thing for white roses, red velvet cake, black dresses, walking around Manhattan’s streets under the sapphire moonlight, and a lot more in common!

“You must love stargazing, like me! But why are you giving your telescope away?” Mr. Adams was curious to know why Lisa never used her telescope.

“It’s a long story!” Lisa sighed. “To cut it short, my ex-husband wasn’t really into science, unlike me. I even wanted to pursue my Master’s, but then I was pregnant with our daughter Sally. He convinced me he’d take care of everything, and I needn’t work, so I gave up my dreams to dive into the ocean of “family” and raise our girl. But I guess I’ve drowned!”

“If my husband’s here with me, then who’s there in the nursery…with my baby??”
“It’s never too late… I mean… Maybe we could watch the stars sometime… if you’re free… maybe tomorrow night! I’d be glad to visit…” Mr. Adams said, bringing a smile to Lisa’s face. Something strange and beautiful sparked between them then and there, and though it was their first meeting, it felt like they’d known each other for ages.

As time ticked away, Lisa and Mr. Adams fell head over heels in love and eventually married in an intimate church wedding. In her gorgeous blossom pink dress and white flowers, Sally was their bridesmaid! Just how beautifully their new life had started!

But months later, Sally felt she was losing her spot in her mom and stepdad’s hearts when they welcomed their baby boy, Ronnie.

Sally stopped running home to hug her mom and shower her with kisses after coming home from school. She was irked at seeing her little brother getting all the love and attention from her parents.

Mr. Adams started spending more time with his newborn son, showering him with love and toys. Meanwhile, Lisa was swamped with caring for the newborn baby. Day by day, Sally felt she was no longer the center of attention and that her spot as the ‘I-am-the-only-pampered-child-in-this-house’ was being taken away.

Although Sally tried to adapt to the new changes and pretend she was happy, her resentment and jealousy grew stronger with each passing day. Sally felt she was losing everything she had known and loved. Her parents were too busy tending to her little brother, and she assumed they had no room for her.

As time ticked away, Sally felt like an outsider in her own family and didn’t know how to regain her parents’ love and affection. So one day after school, she approached her mom and Mr. Adams to take her to a pop concert.

“Sweetie, stop cribbing, alright? Your little brother will catch a cold if we take him out at night. Please understand, honey… maybe some other time, but not today, okay?” Lisa turned Sally down.

To her disappointment, even Mr. Adams said he was too busy with a client meeting and told her it would be great if she played with her little brother.

“He’s NOT my brother!” Sally exploded and ran to her room, bursting into tears. “He can never be my brother!”

Sally sat with her face buried in her lap as her mother and Mr. Adams entered her bedroom to console her. They sat beside her, gently patting her shoulders, and took turns to explain she needed to accept her new life with her little brother.

“It’s wonderful to be a big sister, sweetie,” Lisa said. “I know things haven’t been the same… but this is how they’re going to be sometimes. We love you no less. It’s just that your little brother needs more attention and care right now. I’m sorry for not spending more time with you, honey. But you need to know it’s not been easy for me. I’m tired… I haven’t slept well for so many days, and you should understand taking care of a little baby is not easy.”

Mr. Adams then took over, his raspy voice almost freezing Sally’s tears in her eyes. “Sally, darling, being a big sister is an honor that not everybody gets. It’s a privilege! You have the opportunity to shape your little brother’s life and help him grow into a wonderful person, just like you. You must set an example to him and make us all proud!”

Sally’s heart felt heavier than it was when she heard those words. She remembered how excited she was when she found out she was going to be a sister. But now, her little world appeared to have been destroyed.

“Ronnie ruined my life… he took everything away!” Sally blurted out. “Everything was perfect and so happy before he came into our lives.”

Lisa and Mr. Adams were utterly helpless. They hoped Sally would understand, but they worried she would never accept her baby brother.

“Honey, I know how it feels right now. We’ve all been there. But it’ll get better, trust me! Your brother Ronnie will bring so much love and sunshine into your life. And you’ll be the happiest girl,” Mr. Adams said.

Sally sighed and nodded, not wanting to listen further. She was not sure if she was ready to be Ronnie’s big sister, but she realized her parents were upset about her behavior. She hugged them and told them she loved them a lot, yet she couldn’t help but feel a pang of hope in her heart.

“Will I really be a good big sister to Ronnie? Will I make him a better person like dad said? But I don’t like him… he ruined my happiness,” she wondered.

Days later, Sally found herself sitting by her mom’s bedside at the hospital. Her heart was heavy with guilt and sadness when she recalled the events that led her mother to be hospitalized.

The stress of trying to balance between home and tending to baby Ronnie had taken a toll on Lisa’s health, and Sally was guilty of not supporting her mother when she needed it.

As she held her mom’s hand and cried, Sally promised to do everything she could to set things straight. Just as she was lost in deep thought, Mr. Adams walked in with a piece of news after meeting the doctor.

“There’s nothing to worry about, thankfully, but…” he began.

“Your mother needs to rest after returning home. She’ll get discharged only a week later. I’m still worried and don’t know how I will manage everything on my own.”

“Sally, I know you’re probably going to be upset. I know you don’t want to do this, but… can you help me with taking care of baby Ronnie?”

Sally felt of glimmer of hope and immediately agreed, a smile flickering from ear to ear. She wanted a chance to help her mother and realized this was going to be one. From that day onward, Sally threw herself into caring for her baby brother.

She changed his diapers, sang lullabies, fed him, and calmed him down by showing him the moon and the stars. She talked to him in baby language, bathed him, and did things her mom would’ve done otherwise if she were at home. As time fleeted by, Sally felt a strange spark of joy lighting up her heart that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Then a week later, Lisa was discharged from the hospital and was still on bed rest, though she devoted time to caring for her newborn. Everything seemed normal until one night when Lisa’s heart almost skipped a beat when she woke up to something unsettling.

Her baby usually cried in the middle of the night, but he never cried for three nights in a row. Lisa thought it was strange. Something was definitely up, so she checked the baby cam and was startled at seeing a silhouette leaning at the crib, whispering something to the baby while scooping him up.

“Come here, little fella!” the voice spoke, sending shivers down Lisa’s spine.

She turned to her side and saw Mr. Adams was fast asleep. She’d initially thought it was him in the baby’s nursery. But he was with her in their room.

“If my husband’s here with me, then who’s there in the nursery… with my baby??” Lisa panicked and jumped out of bed, bolting toward her baby’s room…

Lisa’s heart started to race with fear as she made her way toward the nursery across the hallway, not far from her bedroom, trying to be as quiet as possible to see who was in there at that time of the night.

“Go to sleep… go to sleep, my sweet little angel…” A lullaby seeped through the door’s crack as Lisa approached closer. She recognized the lullaby. It was what her late mother used to sing for her when she was little.

“But why is someone singing it to my son? And who is singing it to him?” she panicked.

Lisa’s hand trembled in fear as she slowly pushed the door open, her heart hammering in her chest.

She peeked inside, her eyes taking on a hunted look at the farther end of the nursery where the crib was placed. It was dark, and in the moonlight penetrating through the window, Lisa saw a shadowy figure with its back facing her, holding her baby and cradling him, singing the lullaby. Lisa’s mind flooded with anxiety as she searched for the switchboard with her shaking hands and immediately turned the lights on.

“Oh my God… What’s going on??” she gasped, breathing heavily.

Lisa’s heart was overflowing with emotions when she saw Sally there. “Jesus Christ! What are you doing here, sweetie?” she cried at seeing Sally cradling her little brother in her arms while he latched onto a feeding bottle.

“Oh, my dear baby!” Lisa cried, her voice overwhelmed with joy. “You’re such a lovely sister, sweetie! I never knew you were up all night taking care of your little brother.”

Sally’s smile beamed across her face as her eyes rained tears of joy at seeing how happy and pleased her mother was.

“I wanted to help you, mommy! Daddy told me you needed to get some rest. I wanted you to feel better… so I get up often every night to check if my baby brother is asleep. If he’s awake, I feed him warm milk, sing him lullabies, and put him to sleep so that he doesn’t cry and wake you up.”

“I’m so proud of you, sweetie!” Lisa hugged Sally and showered her with kisses on her forehead. “I love you two more than words can express! I love you… I love you… thank you… thank you so much!”

The night ended beautifully, and the family awakened to a brighter morning. Sally no longer had a grudge against her little brother and did her best to care for him. One day, while changing his diaper, she heard something that made her cry.

“SALLY!” little Ronnie babbled his first-ever word!

Sally was over the moon and called her parents to hear her little brother out. “Ronnie’s first word was Sally! My brother’s first word was Sally!” she cried. “But how did he know my name?”

“Right from the day when Ronnie came home from the hospital, your mom and I kept talking about his big sister Sally who would be the best sister in the world! That’s how he knows your name, sweetie!” Mr. Adams revealed.

Sally’s eyes welled up with tears as she scooped up her baby brother in her arms and took him away to sing a lullaby. She was the happiest sister in the world and always had her best foot forward in caring for her little brother. But would she be ready and accepting if her parents told her she would have another little brother several months later?

“How will we tell her we’re going to have another baby?” Lisa worried, holding an ultrasound picture in her hand. She was pregnant with her second baby.

“Sally has just gotten used to Ronnie. I wonder if she’ll start feeling left out again. She took time to accept her little brother, but I’m afraid if she’d be ready for another….”

Just then, Sally entered the room with two gift boxes.

“It’s for Ronnie, mom!” said Sally. “Today’s the day he called me ‘Sally,’ and I wanted to celebrate our anniversary! It’s a woolen hat I made for him at school!”

“Darling, I’m so proud of you,” Lisa hugged Sally, tearing up. “You’re such a wonderful sister Ronnie could ever have!”

Sally heartily smiled as she took out another little parcel and gave it to her mom. “These are knitted shoes for my future brother. Mom… dad… when will we have one more baby brother?!”

Mr. Adams and Lisa could not hold back their tears of joy, and that evening, Lisa marched to Sally’s bedroom with a picture of the ultrasound she’d taken to reveal the good news!

What can we learn from this story?

Siblings are like the same soul split in two. They provide the most encouragement and support when fate tests us. When her mother was hospitalized and needed rest, Sally set her grudge against her little brother away and took care of him. Eventually, she realized there could be nothing sweeter and happier than being an older sister.
A sibling may not solve all your problems, but they will make sure you never face them alone! Mr. Adams was worried about tending to his newborn baby son when his wife was hospitalized. He sought help from his eldest daughter Sally, and though she was ten, she stepped into the shoes of a mother for her little brother and continued to care for him even after their mother returned home from the hospital.

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