CoupIe With OnIy Boys, Tries 1 More Time for A GirI And Ends Up Having Quintuplets

Just like many couples who already have sons, Joshuaa and Megan Hulen also wanted to have a daughter. So when they decided to try ‘one last time,’ it didn’t take long for Megan to get pregnant soon. And they were excited to know if finally, they are going to have a girl.


Before the pregnancy, the family had two boys, one 7-year-old and one 2-year-old. They were trying desperately for a girl and decided to try again one last time. The couple went did go through fertility tests and the doctors noticed some problems so they have to cancel further treatments. Good thing they did because they could not believe that they finally got pregnant naturally.

And when the doctors were able to get more information about her pregnancy, they informed the couple that she is definitely pregnant. But not only with one baby, but five


Megan said, “Went to our first ultrasound at six weeks and found out that there were five.” Joshua added, “Pretty shocking. Exciting and terrifying all at once, I’d say.” And Megan agreed, saying, “Yeah, definitely.”

This means that Joshua and Megan were expecting quintuplets. And the family of four will then be a family of nine.

Megan said, “It’s been really crazy, something we never expected, for sure.

And on September 2, Chloe, Adam, Emma, Allison, and Madison were born at 32 weeks. The proud dad said, “It’s miraculous but overwhelming all at the same time.”

The quintuplets did not only shock their doctors but their parents as well. Megan shared, “They’re not viable, or one or two vanish, or those types of things happen. And so we thought, ‘OK, there’s not going to be five. There’s going to be two, three, or something. We went back after a week, and there were five heartbeats.

getting pregnant with quintuplets has a one in 43 million chance. This is definitely something big for the family. In addition, they are also the first every quintuplet to be ever born in North Dakota!

Jacob, the babies’ brother said, “I’m glad to be home, and it’s just amazing because you know, this has never happened.

Megan is also very excited and happy to have a big family even though it was bigger than what they anticipated. She said, “We’re blessed, and we’re happy about it.” And Joshua laughed saying, “Absolutely. And at some point in the future, when we get to sleep again, we’ll be thankful for that too.”


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