Couple renovates kitchen floor and finds over $850,000 worth of rare coins

A couple in England quite literally “struck gold” when they were digging beneath the floor of their kitchen for a home renovation. The couple, who chose to remain anonymous, uncovered a hidden cache of rare coins worth more than $850,000.

The coins were found by a couple from North Yorkshire, according to Gregory Edmund, an auctioneer and expert in British coins, who spoke to Today. The two were repairing their 18th-century house when they struck what they initially believed to be an electricity cable in the ground.

“Why they decided to touch it who knows, but when they did, they realized it was a gold disc and there were hundreds more beneath!” Edmund said in an email with Today.

Originally estimated at $231,390 by London auction house Spink & Son, the coins ultimately sold at auction for $852,380!

Watch the video below to see images of the coins and learn more.

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