Dad-Of-3 Declared Dead Is Shown a Video of His Kids, Starts Moving Moments before Organ Removal

A few days after doctors declared a North Carolina pastor “brain dead,” he showed signs of life. The miracle happened minutes before the doctors took him to the operation theatre to harvest his organs for donation.


Do you believe in miracles? Often, some shocking life events force people to believe in the power of the unseen. It happens when they see impossible things happening before their eyes, like a loved one surviving a ghastly accident and not having a single scratch on their body.

The woman in today’s story experienced something similar when her husband moved his leg after the doctors said he was “clinically deceased.” He showed signs of life when she had lost all hope. Scroll down to find out what happened next.

The Sudden Illness
Megan Marlow’s worst nightmare began when her husband, Ryan Marlow, suddenly fell sick. He was rushed to the emergency department of North Carolina’s Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, where the doctors said he had listeria ― a rare bacterial infection.

The dad-of-three was under the doctor’s observation, while his wife urged people to pray for his recovery. However, her life took a dreadful turn when she saw Ryan lose his speaking ability. His symptoms worsened overnight, but Megan did not lose hope. On August 24, she said:

“Two weeks ago today, I was packing a suitcase for Ryan and me to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary! And today, I sit in an ICU room watching him suffer, and no one seems to know why.”

The Shocking News
On August 27, 2022, Ryan’s health took a turn for the worse. While Megan was sitting in the waiting room, praying for her husband, the doctor emerged from the ICU and revealed something she never wanted to hear. She recalled:

“The doctor came out with 20 other people as my witnesses and said, ‘Your husband has passed away. He has suffered neurological death.’”


Megan’s heart skipped a beat as she listened to the doctor’s words. The staff scribbled her husband’s time of death on the chart outside his room while she struggled to process he was no more.

The Doctor’s Call
Then, the doctor told Megan they would keep Ryan, an organ donor, on life support while they searched for matches. She went home and “mourned the loss of her husband” for two days before discovering something unbelievable.

Amidst receiving messages about donor recipients and her husband’s condition, Megan received a call from the same doctor who informed her about Ryan’s neurological death. She revealed what he told her:

“Because of his rare circumstance, they called in an expert panel and discovered that they made a mistake and that my husband, in fact, did not pass away.”

The Heartwrenching Moment
Megan said she was “very confused” and “still didn’t understand what was being said.” The doctor told her someone would contact her, but that never happened.

The next day, on August 30, 2022, Megan’s family prepared to say goodbye to Ryan at the hospital.

Right when she kissed his hand, the doctors witnessed a spike in Ryan’s heart rate

“My heart could not bear it,” Megan said while thinking about watching her husband stop breathing after the doctors pulled the plug. She had planned not to come to the hospital but then tagged along with her family.


As she entered the hospital, her niece told her something shocking. Megan’s niece was in the room with Ryan when she played a video of his children singing and witnessed him move his feet.

No False Hopes
Since Megan knew people’s bodies often twitched while they were brain dead, she thought the same had happened with Ryan. She said she “didn’t want to have false hope” and was prepared to say goodbye to her beloved husband.

Megan asked the doctors and medical staff to leave her alone with Ryan for a few moments. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she talked to him about all the good times they had spent together and told him God would take care of their babies.

With the organ donation team standing outside the room, Megan told Ryan that he needed to fight if he was still alive. Megan told him she would stop the organ donation process and get tests done to know if he was neurologically dead.

Witnessing a Miracle
“Stop everything right now!” Megan told the nurse who had come to take Ryan for organ harvesting. She demanded the doctors run tests on Ryan to see if he had passed away. Megan revealed:

“Long story short… he’s not brain dead, my friends. He’s not brain-dead.”

What happened next was nothing less than a miracle. Megan walked into Ryan’s room and told him what had happened. Right when she kissed his hand, the doctors witnessed a spike in Ryan’s heart rate. They later confirmed that he was in a deep coma.

Request for Prayers
Megan requested people to pray for Ryan since he was still not responsive. She said Duke Hospital had agreed to admit Ryan, but no bed was available. Megan urged people to pray Ryan gets a bed. She said:

“God’s kept him here. He’s supposed to be dead. He’s supposed to be at the funeral home right now, according to these doctors.”

Ryan’s sister, Sherry Miller, set up a GoFundMe page on Megan’s behalf, asking people to help the couple. She requested people to pray for Ryan if they couldn’t donate. So far, more than $47,000 have been raised.

Please keep Ryan in your thoughts and prayers. His family hopes God will perform a miracle and heal him in no time. We pray that he responds to the treatment, opens his eyes, and lives a happy life with his family.

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