Day by Day Boy Helps Fragile Old Couple and Refuses the Money They Offer, Gets Inheritance Later

An extremely stingy boy helped an old couple every day but constantly turned down the money they offered. Soon, he had to deal with an incredible money war after his kind gesture fetched him enormous wealth.


A young guy turned to Reddit’s famous “AITA” sub, asking fellow internet users to judge him for refusing to give away a portion of the inheritance he’d received as a gift for his kind gesture towards a dying old man.

A little help goes a long way, and this is what Redditor j3wbac4bra realized when he braved to help an elderly couple with difficulty doing strenuous tasks. However, he was hell-bent on not taking a dime in return for his favors, unaware of how this would soon spark a money war in his house.

The Original Poster (OP) knew his neighbor’s husband had a rare muscle disease since he was a teen. The woman was too old, and because of this, the couple constantly needed help with tedious tasks.

OP would often help them shovel snow and mow their lawn. At times, his brother accompanied him but only on rare occasions. Although OP had his best foot forward to help the couple, he turned down any money they offered.

However, this is where OP’s mother came into the picture. She would voluntarily join OP to help the couple and eagerly wait to get paid. Around two months later, the older man passed away but had left behind a considerable surprise for OP as a token of his humble attitude.

OP said had been awed by the old man’s coin collection during certain instances when they called him inside their house. The late old man was equally surprised to know someone as young as OP would be interested in collecting coins and loved discussing new coins with him whenever he added them to his collection.


Unmoved by his response, OP’s mom thought he was selfish.
OP’s mother couldn’t have been happier than when he told her how the old man wished to give away his precious coins to him. And after the old man’s passing two months later, OP saw himself entangled in a mess when his mother constantly nagged him about the coins. She was curious what he would be doing with it, but OP never bothered.

When he received the coin collection, he was stunned when its value was estimated to be around $50K-$100K. He decided to sort the coins, save the expensive ones for the future, and sell the duplicates and those of lesser worth.

His mom often passed odd comments like how he needed to start paying the rent, but OP wasn’t sold on her vile jokes. It wasn’t until she began to eye on the precious coins that he realized he had to protect them from her.


Eventually, she lashed out at him, branding him as “greedy” for refusing to share a large portion of the inheritance with his brother. Although OP agreed he would still give away some of it to his brother, he was determined not to give him more, considering he was never there for the most part to help the neighbors.

Unmoved by his response, OP’s mom thought he was selfish. OP said he’d been a bit stingy in the past but never extremely conservative and asked Reddit if he was indeed greedy over money.

“The old man wanted YOU to have it. You haven’t stumbled across it on the street. You are fulfilling an elderly man’s wishes,” Redditor AngryTudor1 stated, adding:

“If he had wanted your brother to have it, he would have willed him something…First, it will be sharing it with your brother. Then it will be sharing it with your mother. That’s what this is really about.”

Meanwhile, user AmethysstFire set the alarm bells ringing for theft, saying: “Also get photo documentation of every single coin and keep records of what you sell and when.”

The person speculated how some coins from the inheritance could potentially “go missing” if OP’s mom and brother teamed up to possess them behind his back.

“I should do that now, as there’s a box that has a lot of valuable gold coins in it that I can’t find, and I keep finding the boxes reorganized,” OP replied.

After rummaging through the insightful advice from people, OP said he’d taken the initiative to store the coins safely. “My grandpa is already helping me get a gun safe to store them in,” he revealed.

Questions to Ponder:

Do you think OP should share his inheritance with his brother?

OP said he was willing to share only a meager portion from his inheritance, considering how his brother didn’t help the elderly couple as much as he did. How would you split the estate with your sibling/family if you were OP? Would you even consider sharing the wealth in the first place?

Considering OP turned down the payment from the elderly couple for the chores, do you think he should’ve declined the inheritance too?


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