Detroit Firefighter Died A Hero After Saving Three Drowning Girls At A Beach.

Real heroes are not always the ones wearing capes but the ones who wear uniforms and badges and stethoscopes. Let’s endlessly show our appreciation, love, respect, and gratitude towards them for protecting us.


Sergeant Sivad Johnson, 48, a 26 year veteran of the Detroit Fire Department, was on off duty and taking a walk with his 10 year old daughter near the Detroit Yacht Club on Belle Isle. All of a sudden they heard three young girls shouting for help from the water.

Johnson jumped in to help the girls with the help of a civilian and a nearby boat. The civilian rescued one girl and the boat picked up the other two girls. The civilian stated that there were a lot of rip currents and the sergeant went out into the water.


The rescue took nearly 45 minutes long and then Johnson’s daughter realized her father was missing and called 911 immediately. But as it got dark they had to stop the search for Johnson and continued in the morning.


It is believed that no one noticed Johnson must have been pulled underwater by the rip current. Johnson was off duty at that moment still he didn’t ponder jumping in the water to save the girls.

Johnson’s heroic sacrifice will be remembered as a line of duty death. Following his father’s footsteps he joined the ranks 26 years ago. Four years ago he saved the life of an unconscious man during a fire and was recognized with a memorial. A year later he was awarded the department’s medal for valor.

Salute to Sergeant Johnson for being a hero and doing his best during his service. May God give the family the strength to bear the loss.


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