Down-and-out Cafeteria Owner Stunned to See Long Line Days After Hiring Homeless Woman – Story of the Day

Andrew had always dreamed of owning a restaurant, and his dream came true. However, when another restaurant opened nearby, the competition was about to sink his business. Everything changed when he hired a young drifter with a unique outlook on life.

It took almost ten years of blood, sweat, tears, and relentless prayers for Andrew to finally get his restaurant up and running. From his early years as a waiter and later as a sous-chef, he had always hoped and dreamed of owning his own restaurant.

His restaurant-café had been open for three years, and in the last year Andrew was finally beginning to see the fruit of his labor. It was not only one of the best establishments in his neighborhood, but in the entire city.

Everything was going well for Andrew, and it looked like things were only going to get worse. However, things would soon take an unexpected turn for Andrew and his business after the opening of a new restaurant, Le Café, across the street.

Andrew was prepared for his new competitor to give him a little war. It wasn’t unusual, business came and went, but he had always managed to maintain his position in the hierarchy.

However, things did not go as expected. He began to lose customers to his new competitors. He started with just a few clients a month and ended up losing almost half of his monthly income.

His competitors had such an aggressive marketing campaign that at one point Andrew’s diner-café ran out of business. His posters and ads dwarfed all the efforts Andrew was trying to get going.

The more time progressed, the fewer clients Andrew had. He would stand outside his restaurant watching the long lines form outside his competitors’ restaurant while his employees served the few regulars they still had.

After a while, Andrew was forced to take pay cuts. This was the turning point, as his employees began to quit. The busier the competing restaurant was, the fewer employees it had left. Many of his former employees, in fact, went to work across the street at Le Cafe, which could not keep up with the demand.

With each passing day, Andrew watched his dream slip through his fingers. He was falling into debt and there seemed to be nothing he could do about it. He did everything in his power, but the odds seemed stacked against him and there was no sign of dawn in sight.

However, things were about to change for Andrew, and he had no idea. One day, one of Andrew’s most prominent bartenders, Danny, decided to quit after receiving a lucrative offer from Le Café. Andrew begged and pleaded with him to stay, but he didn’t listen.

“Please, Danny! I stood by you and held your job when you took that long leave. I’m not saying this to hold you up. All I’m asking is that you show me the same compassion,” Andrew pleaded with Danny. as I ran after him towards the back exit.

“Listen, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, Andrew. But the truth is, this is a sinking ship,” Danny said, setting his waiter’s apron on a coat rack. And he went out into the rain. His boss followed him in the rain.

“Come on, Danny. If you leave now, I’ll only have four waiters left. I already have salary problems. Give me a month. Please,” Andrew begged, grabbing Danny’s arm desperately. Alegra, a young homeless woman dressed in rags, stopped rummaging through a nearby garbage can and watched questioningly from a distance as the dispute between Andrew and Danny continued.

“I don’t need to keep working for change anymore,” Danny barked, jerking violently out of Andrew’s grasp. “Do you know how much they pay at Le Café? More than you could ever pay here. I think I’ve given enough here. Bye,” Danny concluded before storming off.

“Please Danny!” Andrés begged as he watched Danny walk away, leaving him in the damp, cold and deserted alley.

“Excuse me, sir,” Alegra said. Andrew, stunned, turned to see the young tramp.

“Listen, this is not a good time. I don’t have change for you,” Andrew said dejectedly.

“Oh no. I don’t want you to give me money. I just couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. I’d love to help if possible,” Alegra explained.

“Look, you’re very kind, but…”. Andrew started before Alegra snapped in.

“Let me show you what I know how to do. You won’t even have to pay me for my trial days, sir. With a little food to get by for these days I’m fine. Then you decide,” Alegra insisted. Andrew looked at the young woman contemplatively, recognizing her look in her eyes. It was the same look of determination that landed her first job as a waiter all those years ago.

“Okay. Let’s get you cleaned up, you tell me more about yourself and we’ll take it from there,” Andrew said nonchalantly, walking back into the restaurant. Alegra followed him with a glimmer of hope.

From then on, Andrew had Alegra cleaned up and dressed in a waitress’s uniform, and put her to work. Andrew enjoyed every moment he spent watching Alegra grow in her position. He got better with each passing day, giving his all at work and always with the most welcoming smile.

Unlike other of Andrew’s employees, he never complained or did anything grudgingly. Alegra was showing an enthusiasm that Andrew had never seen before.

“I didn’t go through four years of culinary school for this!”
Alegra did everything perfectly and diligently. She was never late and she was a fast learner. Three days later, when he found out that the young woman was sleeping in a shelter, Andrew even set up a room for her in the back of the premises.

Things were still difficult in the trade as they kept losing customers in favor of the competitor. To make matters worse, within a week Andrew fell ill from all the stress he was under trying to keep his business afloat.

He ended up collapsing at work and was taken by ambulance to hospital. Due to the seriousness of his health, the doctors admitted him for a couple of days. Andrew was totally distraught because his business needed him now more than ever. However, he had no choice but to attend to his health.

Even in Andrew’s absence, Alegra carried on with the same enthusiasm and drive that had drawn Andrew’s attention from day one. Unfortunately, things kept getting worse in the restaurant as more staff didn’t show up for work. The head chef, seeing that he was working with Alegra, who had lived down the street not long ago, also threw in the towel.

“I haven’t studied four years of cooking for this,” the head chef snapped, throwing his chef’s hat rudely on the counter and storming off.

Alegra visited Andrew that night and explained what had happened at the restaurant. When Andrew heard the news, she burst into bitter tears. He feared that his dream was officially on the verge of a tragic demise.

“I’m sorry, sir. But please, don’t lose hope. You showed me so much kindness when no one even gave me the time. It’s not the end for you. Things will get better. Don’t lose hope,” Alegra told him, taking it hand in hand to reassure him.

After a while, he was finally discharged. As soon as she was released, she went straight to the restaurant to see what she could save before she had to close it.

As she drove down the street in the direction of her restaurant, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw customers dining in the restaurant as before. He expected it to be closed, considering what Alegra had told him.

He looked around for the staff, but there were none. Andrew immediately parked the car and ran into the restaurant with overflowing excitement and curiosity. Upon entering the restaurant, he noticed that all the customers were eating dishes that were not on his menu.

“Sir, he’s back!” Alegra exclaimed excitedly, running out of the kitchen with two plates. She served the dishes to the customers, then waved Andrew into the kitchen.

“Wow! Cheer up, you’re amazing! I don’t know how I can ever thank you. You just might have saved my restaurant.”

“Cheer, how did you do it?” Andrew asked, stunned, as he followed her into the kitchen.

“Try this,” Alegra said, giving him a spoonful of the soup on the counter.

“Hmm… It’s hot. Is this yours? All this?” Andres asked, pointing to the other prepared meals on the counter.

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“Yes. I took out some of my mother’s old recipes and spent the last two days cooking and preparing what I could. I opened the store and gave it a try,” Alegra explained.

“You alone?” Andrés asked, puzzled.

“Yes. It wasn’t easy. Luckily, most of the meals were pre-cooked, which gave me a bit of leeway. But, yeah, it wasn’t a cake walk,” Alegra explained, still wearing that welcoming smile.

“Wow! Cheer up, you’re amazing! I don’t know how I can thank you. You may have saved my restaurant,” Andrew explained, almost crying.

“Well, for starters, could you give me a hand,” Alegra said, handing Andrew a waiter’s apron. “I’ll take care of the kitchen. You take care of the customers,” Alegra concluded. Andrew took the apron and just smiled, still in awe of the young woman’s tenacity, talent, and stamina.

After that day, Andrew and Alegra worked side by side, trying to keep the restaurant going. Alegra cooked while Andrew served the customers, just like in the old days, when he had first dreamed of starting his own restaurant.

Andrew has officially changed his menu to all Alegra recipes. Soon the restaurant began to gain momentum and they were finally able to hire more staff. They were even doing better than their competitor, Le Café.

Customers loved Alegra’s dishes, and soon the restaurant became famous throughout the city and, eventually, the entire country. It became popular and got so crowded that people had to queue in the street to get a table.

Alegra was officially hired at a very good salary, became Andrew’s head chef, and after successfully running Andrew’s restaurant, she opened her own establishment under the management of her former boss.

What can we learn from this story?

A resilient and positive spirit can change everything: Alegra had a positive attitude from the first day of work. This optimism, coupled with her resilience, helped turn the tide at Andrew’s restaurant.
Don’t overlook the marginalized and underprivileged: Alegra was a homeless person who was overlooked by most of society. However, Andrew gave her a chance and she proved her worth.

Share this story with your friends. It may brighten their day and serve as inspiration.

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