Dying 2-Year-Old Boy Walks Mom Down the Aisle Just Days before He Dies in Her Arms

The couple’s best man, their 2-year-old son, turned heads at their wedding wearing an adorable pinstripe suit with an orange shirt after doctors said they couldn’t do anything to save his life. He had only a few weeks to live.


The worst thing any parent can experience is burying their child. Often, people feel helpless when the doctors give up on their children suffering from a life-threatening condition. At that point, parents only have the option to fill their child’s last days with joy.

After finding out about their child’s deteriorating health condition, the parents in today’s story felt broken. They didn’t want their little one to leave so soon, but they could do nothing except make his last days enjoyable. They moved their wedding up by a year so he could attend it.


After Christine Swidorsky and Sean Stevenson started dating, they decided to build a family. Swidorsky already had a daughter, Isabella Johns, and the couple soon welcomed their firstborn, Savannah, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

On October 22, 2010, Swidorsky gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Logan Stevenson. Swidorsky and Sean were delighted to have another member in their family and couldn’t wait to celebrate his achievements as he grew older.

However, the couple discovered something shocking about little Logan. Soon after his first birthday, Swidorsky and Sean learned that their child had a rare condition that resulted in cancer in many cases.


After being told about Logan’s condition, his parents didn’t give up. They did everything to treat their little one, resulting in him undergoing multiple medical procedures. On July 26, 2013, Logan’s doctor said his condition had worsened and that he had a few weeks to live.


He wore a cute little pinstripe suit with an orange shirt while his sisters dressed up as bridesmaids.
The couple’s world came crashing down after hearing the doctor’s words. They weren’t ready to lose their 2-year-old child. It was something they had never imagined would happen. However, they didn’t allow their grief to consume them.


Swidorsky and Sean had planned to get married in July 2014, but after hearing their Logan had limited time, they decided to move it earlier. They wanted to fill Logan’s final days with joy, and allowing him to attend their wedding seemed like the perfect plan. Swidorsky said:

“We want Logan in our family pictures and him to see his mother and dad get married.”

With the help of their friends and family, the couple quickly arranged an intimate wedding ceremony in their backyard. Some people contributed food, while others helped with the setup.


On August 3, 2013, Swidorsky walked down the aisle with Logan dressed as the best man. He wore a cute little pinstripe suit with an orange shirt while his sisters dressed up as bridesmaids. The guests felt emotional watching Logan enjoy his last days.


Dressed as a bride, Swidorsky wanted to enjoy her big day, but she could only think of her dying son. She danced for the last time with him, trying her best not to cry. At that point, she could do anything to get her son’s health back. She said:

“It’ll be the hardest thing I’ll ever do: bury my son. You know it’s coming and can’t do anything about it.”


Two days after Swidorsky and Sean tied the knot, little Logan passed away. He took his last breath on August 5, 2013, in Swidorsky’s arms, leaving a void in her life that no one else could fill. Swidorsky said:

“He is with angels and in no more pain.”

Debbie Stevenson, Logan’s grandmother, said Logan’s parents were devastated when he passed away. They just held him and cried after he took his last breath. It wasn’t easy for them to say goodbye to their little bundle of joy.


“It’s a very hard thing to go through this. It leaves a big hole in your heart to lose a child,” Kellie Yong, Logan’s aunt, confessed. She said people’s prayers kept the family going because dealing with the unbearable loss was tough.

Even nine years after Logan’s untimely demise, Swidorsky hasn’t been able to forget the pain. Every year, she dreads the beginning of August because it reminds her of the time the doctors told her that Logan didn’t have much time to live. In her Facebook post, she said:

“I went up and stood in the exact spot I had the last dance with my son, and a butterfly came flying by my side.”

Swidorsky said the most beautiful wedding she had ever witnessed was hers because of her son’s presence. She vividly remembers her son dressed as the best man walking down the aisle with her and felt grateful for enjoying those moments with him.

However, she felt at peace knowing her mother was “taking good care” of him in heaven. Swidorsky confessed that life was hard but also said Logan gave her the strength to face every obstacle.

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