Elderly Couple Is Led by a Cat to a Black Bag, Sees a Tiny Hand Hanging from Inside — Story of the Day

An elderly couple was on a stroll in the city proper when a cat called their attention and led them to a black bag. To their surprise, they saw a tiny hand reaching out from inside, causing them to panic.


Jeffrey and Pamela are in their 70s and have been married for 50 years. They’d saved a lot of money in their long lives, as they both worked hard and only spent for themselves because they had no children.

Even though they wanted to have kids, they struggled with infertility and could not complete any adoption process, given their busy work schedules. So as they grew older, they poured their love and care into one another instead.

One day, Jeffrey and Pamela took a stroll in the park, discussing what they would do with their money. Although they had a couple of trips planned out to enjoy, they still had a lot to spare.

While walking on the path, a black cat stopped right in front of them. He meowed loudly and stood there, blocking their way. Pamela bent down to pet him. “What a sweet kitty,” she said.

Pamela was about to feed him the taco she had just bought, but it ran away and looked back as if it was asking her to follow. She did run after the cat, and Jeffrey followed right after.

The couple immediately re alized that the cat was trying to lead them somewhere. It stopped in front of a tree, under which lay a large black bag.


The cat meowed again, starting to scratch the bag gently to poke a hole into it. Then a small child’s hand immediately reached out and appeared from the hole in the bag. “Is… is that what I think it is, Jeff?” Pamela asked her husband.

As they went closer, they suddenly heard muffled crying and the bag began to move from side to side. Pamela took a peek and she saw a newborn baby. “Oh dear!” she exclaimed, shocked at what she saw. “This poor child!”

“Jeffrey, hold my bag. I have to get this baby out before it suffocates,” Pamela said, tossing her bag towards her husband. She ripped the bag open and took the baby in her arms. “How could anyone do such a thing?” she cried as she tried to comfort the crying baby.

While Pamela was busy soothing the child, Jeffrey called 911. Soon, the baby was taken to the hospital, while Jeffrey and Pamela willingly went to the police station for questioning.


The police quickly investigated the case, and thanks to the park’s CCTV footage, they identified the child’s mother to be a 19-year-old orphan named Lily. The girl was so poor that she could not raise the child herself. She’d hoped that someone would find the child in the park and take him in.

The young baby named Joey was placed under foster care. His foster parents were extremely kind and allowed visitors to visit him and Pamela and Jeffrey often showed up just to see how the little boy was doing.

One day, they encountered Lily there. She struggled to soothe her crying baby and did not know how to change his diapers properly. “Let me help you, dear,” Pamela offered. The young mom willingly obliged as she was having a hard time.

“I’ve never changed diapers before, I’ve never had children, you see. Like you, I am learning. At 70 years old, I now understand what it means to be happy – taking care of a child is such a joy,” she gushed as she carefully put new diapers on the child.

That day, Jeffrey and Pamela learned that the court would terminate the young mother’s parental rights should she not provide enough proof that she could raise the child in a good environment. Joey would remain in the foster care system until someone willingly adopted him.

After speaking to Lily, Jeffrey and Pamela discovered that her only wish was to have a family. Knowing this, they happily adopted her and raised Joey as their grandson. They also took in the cat that saved little Joey into their home, becoming a happy family.

What can we learn from this story?

Every child deserves a shot at life. Babies do not ask to be born into the world. As parents, it is their responsibility to ensure that their children get a decent shot at life, whether with them or with another family willing to care for and take responsibility for the baby.
It’s never too late to start a family. Jeffrey and Pamela had long wanted a family but never got the chance to have one until in their 70s when they met Joey and Lily. It’s never too late to start over and make new memories with your loved ones.

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