Eyeball Piercings Are Getting More And More Popular

Nothing is wrong with body piercing and tattooing because this is considered a form of art.


This trend has been slowly accepted even though many still frown upon this idea. Still, both men and women these days can now have tattoos and body piercings without having to worry that people would see them as bad people. It is a form of self-expression and people respect that.

Through the years, we have seen different body piercings and tattoo trends. What’s the weirdest body piercing have you ever seen so far?

Somebody piercings are cute and fashionable, while others can surely make you cringe and give you the creeps. There is now a growing body piercing trend that might or might not hurt your eyes, literally – surgically implanted jewelry to the eyeballs!

Yes, you read it right.

In fact, one woman from New York, became very popular a few years back after she decided to have a heart-shaped piece of platinum jewelry surgically implanted into her eyeball.

Lucy Luckayanko did not care if she spent $3,000 for the procedure to be done. She did not have any regrets about it either.


The surgery was done by Dr. Emil Chynn, a New York-based eye surgeon. According to reports, the doctor operated in front of a floor-to-ceiling glass window on Park Avenue in Manhattan, specifically for passersby to witness it all.

During an interview with ABC News, the doctor said that it was a very simple procedure but very intricate. The doctor had to use a tiny pair of scissors to make a slit in the thin membrane that covers the white part of the eye.

Then the curved silvery heart jewelry was carefully slipped into the tiny pocket that was made.


The incision was so small that it did not even require any stitches.

According to him, he had been waiting for a patient to get the first SafeSight Eye Jewelry for a few years now, but nobody did.

Until Lucy approached him. And when she did, he knew that she was the perfect candidate because “She’s Russian. She’s over the top.”

At first, the doctor hoped that he could perform the surgery on a celebrity and during a live telecast on television.

And when he met Lucy, he said that she was attractive and was sure that the media would take notice.

He hoped that after it got broadcasted on TV, it would help the trend to catch on and encourage the public that what they did was a safe and effortless procedure.

However, the public did not gain easy confidence in it that easily. But a few years later, another client went to him to have a SafeSight Eye Jewelry procedure done. And this time, he was able to film himself performing the operation.

In 2018, a patient named Skyler opted to have a piece of 3mm by 4mm star-shaped platinum jewelry implanted into her eye.

Then after five years since Lucy Luckayanko’s surgery, the price of the SafeSight Eye Jewelry has gone up from $3,000 to $5,000. Skyler gladly paid the $5,000-worth of body piercing.

And just like the previous SafeSight Eye Jewelry procedures, Skylers’ also lasted for a couple of minutes.

And since then, she is one of the three people all across America who has undergone this cosmetic enhancement.


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