Family Makes ‘Impossible Decision’ to Turn Off Boy’s Life Support after Being Hit by Car on His Way from School

It was a typical day for a couple whose son woke up and headed straight to school alongside his other two siblings. The children were thrilled to meet their teachers and friends. But while returning home, things took an unexpected turn, devastating their family beyond measure.

Becoming a parent is an extraordinary feeling that cannot be put into words. Parents are able to build a profound and lasting connection with their kids that only strengthens with time, and some of the emotions evident in that connection are love, care, and protection.

Often, children can always run into their parents’ loving embrace, knowing they’ll keep them from harm’s way. The mere thought of something bad happening to their child can be a parent’s worst nightmare, and a similar scenario unfolded in today’s story.

A Lovely Family

Johnny Comfort and Jami Hanlin lived in Antioch, California. Jami worked as a special education teacher, whereas Johnny was a handyman and a manager at an apartment complex. The couple had a blended family that included five adorable children.

But despite the doctors’ best efforts and his loved ones’ prayers, the 12-year-old boy didn’t make it.

Every new day was likely filled with endless surprises, excitement, and pure joy for the beautiful family. Johnny and Jami never missed a chance to pamper their children with tender love and care.

They were happy in their small world and considered themselves fortunate for their five precious blessings. Little did they know that a highly unfortunate incident would change their lives for the worst, leaving them in pieces.

A Life-Changing Day

On Friday, September 16, 2022, Gianathon Vincent, Mason Hanlin, and Cheyenne Comfort left for school, delighted to greet their teachers and have a fun-filled day with their peers. At about 3:00 p.m., the middle schoolers were on their way home when something terrible happened.

According to Eden Comfort, Johnny and Jami’s aunt, the siblings — two brothers and a sister — were struck by a car while walking home from Antioch Middle School. She added:

“The [children] are in critical condition. The family is devastated, and they need your help with prayers and love right now.”

To the Rescue

The children, all 12 years old, lived in a blended family and were two blocks from their house at the time of the collision. Antioch Police said a red Chevrolet Impala struck a tan Mercury Mystique in the area of Manzanita Way and Sycamore Drive.

The officers said the resulting impact propelled the Chevrolet in the direction of the siblings reportedly walking home from school on the sidewalk. Soon afterward, the middle schoolers were said to have been life-flighted to nearby hospitals for immediate medical care and attention.

The Heartbroken Family

Per the investigators, the drivers of the Mercury and Chevrolet were also taken to a local hospital, with the latter being life-flighted for severe injuries during the collision. According to Eden, Vincent and Mason were airlifted to Children’s Hospital, while Cheyenne was airlifted to UC Davis.

A local police officer, Darryl Saffold, shared his thoughts about the tragic incident in these words:

“My heart is broken for these kids. I hope and pray that they’re going to be okay.”

The Devastated Mother

The youngsters’ aunt, Charlotte Baker, posted an update on behalf of their mother on September 20. She revealed that both Mason and Cheyenne were expected to recover. She also shared Jami’s words:

“[Please] know I’m trying to stay as strong as I can for all my kids. Even those at home and I still feel so helpless.”

Young Vincent, who was seriously injured in the accident, remained in a critical state and was placed on life support. But despite the doctors’ best efforts and his loved ones’ prayers, the 12-year-old boy didn’t make it.

A Painful Decision

Sadly, Vincent’s family had to take the heart-shattering decision of switching off his life support. In another Facebook post on September 21, Devina Collins wrote:

“[We] have made the impossible decision to end life support, Gianathon being the sweetest loving kid we all know and love we all as a family chose organ donation knowing it’s what he would have wanted (sic).”

Collins also thanked everybody who had shared their love, prayers, and support for the siblings and helped their family push through during their difficult time.

Bright & Beautiful

The youngsters’ great uncle, Tim Comfort, described Vincent as a “really nice and friendly” kid. He called Cheyenne a bright and bubbly girl and referred to Mason as a mature, smart, and quiet young boy with a calm demeanor. The distraught man further expressed:

“Our family, all of our friends, we’re all just still stunned and trying to cope. How else do you react to three kids walking home from school — that’s as basic as it gets — and they get hit because a driver is not patient enough to wait.”

Tim said he and his family were going through a lot and needed prayers and support in abundance. The siblings’ aunt, Eden, created a fundraiser to help the parents in their time of need. As of September 26, over $35,000 have been raised of the $70,000 goal.

Voicing Their Concerns

The heart-rending tragedy has been marked by a sidewalk memorial, with balloons and candles placed at the accident site. Neighbors voiced their concerns about the tragic incident, with one community member, Daryonna Wood, mentioning:

“Nothing has been done and I literally have been begging the city for just a speed bump. I worry about all our kids, every day.”

Broken Beyond Repair

No details have been shared by the Antioch Police regarding the possible course of action and any charges being pressed.

Vincent’s grandma, Carlo Sprio, shared in an update on September 21 that the life support would be turned off the next day. While remembering her sweet grandson, she stated:

“I am so broken I would trade places with you in a minute I love you so much my heart is breaking I love you baby boy (sic).”

Gone Too Soon

In another heart-touching post, Sprio shared a beautiful picture with Vincent, where he was seen wearing a warm smile. She wrote:

“You are and always will be the light of my life I am so broken over this baby but I know that you’re happy now you can run play I love you baby boy (sic).”

Our hearts go out to the lovely youngster’s family, and we pray for their strength and healing. May God grant a speedy recovery to Vincent’s siblings and help his parents cope with their heartbreaking loss and trauma.

Fly high with the angels, young boy. You will continue to live in the hearts of your loved ones.

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