Family Towed Camper with EV Truck – It Died and Had to Be Towed to New Charger by Fuel-Powered Tow Truck

A family traveling on a 500-mile trip from Nebraska to Denver found out that America’s infrastructure is not ready to fully support electric vehicles.

The family is known as the “All Electric Family” on YouTube, but now they may need to reconsider their vehicles. After the trip failed, the family was in desperate need of a gas-powered tow truck to move their vehicle.

The family could not get their Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck recharged. It was carrying five family members and towing a camper behind it.


At the first two charging stations, the charges worked fine. From then on, the charging stations had chargers that were unavailable or did not work.

“In the end, we made it, but beware of Electrifying America’s chargers and have a backup plan,” a family member said.

The mother, Katie Krivolavek, said all the chargers read “unavailable” when they attempted a third try to recharge in Ogallala, Nebraska.

“We knew Electrify America was having some issues,” Katie said. “We were able to get our first two charges without any major issues, and then we made a mistake.”

“There were two locations that EA said one station was working. One of those stations happened to be North Platte, [Nebraska,] where we were not able to get a charge on our last trip. So we didn’t trust the station, and we decided to skip that one.”

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Yet as we saw in the above video, Katie said the Krivolavek family arrived at the Ogallala charging station to find that none of those chargers were working, either. She said Steve then drove to Julesburg, Colorado, which was the station 30 miles away from Ogallala.

“When Steve got to Julesberg, he had 0 percent,” Katie said. “Eventually, we had to call a tow truck and have the truck towed back to Ogallala to a J1772.

“And it was also 100 degrees, so we could not stay in the trailer in the Walmart parking lot. We had to go across the street and get a room in a hotel.”

Katie said the truck had enough charge to get to Julesburg in the morning, and the family was ultimately able to continue on their way. But she had a warning for fellow EV owners.

“In the end we made it, but beware of EA’s chargers and have a backup plan,” she said.

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