Farmers Shake Up The Barn With ‘Farmer Rock Anthem,’ Leaving 1.7 Million Smiling

It’s true that farming is hard work, and it takes a lot of people to get the job done. But they say that those who work hard play harder. These farm boys certainly know how to get down on the farm. They sing abut all the hard work they do, but it’s pretty clear they like to have fun along the way.


The Peterson Farm Bros are made up of Greg, Nathan, and Kendal. These three brothers only make u a small portion of the entire family, bu they’re the ones who made them internet famous.The brothers enjoy making parody music videos to popular songs, but making them all about farming, chores, and everyday farm life- a topic not a lot of people know about.

What makes them so popular is not only the fun, catchy videos but also everything they do on the farm that their audience may know nothing about.

They’re located in in Kansas and sometimes partner with neighboring farms or similar channels to educate people about farming. Their hope is that they inspire or teach someone about what country life is like in the midwest.


They get the people’s attention by singing about it.
In this video, now with over 1.5 million views, the boys change up the lyrics in the popular LMFAO song ‘Party Rock Anthem’ Their version is appropriately named “Farmer Rock Anthem”.

The boys are clever with their lyrics: “Head up, head down/ Watch the reel go round and round.” and “All the farmers in the field tonight (fill that truck up)/ Everybody just have a good time (fill that truck up).” are just a few of the best ones.

They open up doing the running man on a couple of combines in the field to grab your attention, and then move on to dancing and singing throughout the farm. With family making an appearance every now and then. “On the farm it’s the spot/ hanging with my dad/ we work a lot.”

The brothers appear in barns, fields, grocery stores, and even around the kitchen table, proving that farmers aren’t just responsible for the work, but for most of the food on your table and down your grocery aisles.

The singing and dancing is entertaining, but don’t let it distract you from what else they’re showing you. The aerial views of the fields help show just how vast the land is and how long it takes to get everything plowed. Then they show the animals they work with, too. They showcase their machines, like tractors and combines. And of course show off the variety of crops.

Towards the end of the video is the best part. They feature some of their neighbors and friends who also farm. Theres little kids and babies all involved in the family business, decked out in their boots and hats just like their dads and grandpas. Check out the full video for yourself and see what farm like is like with the help of this catchy song!

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