George Strait’s Only Granddaughter Celebrated 6th Birthday — She Supports Grandpa at His Concerts

George Strait has been married to the love of his life, Norma Strait, for more than 50 years.
Their son, George Strait Jr., made them grandparents for the first time when he welcomed son George Strait III with his wife of 12 years, Tamara Strait.
Grandpa George’s announcement of his granddaughter’s birth was sweet.

Recording artist George Strait is a father of two kids and a grandfather of two grandkids. He has only been married once to his wife of fifty years, Norma Strait.

Country music star George Strait’s granddaughter celebrated her 6th birthday on September 10, 2022. His daughter-in-law, Tamara Strait, posted a picture of the birthday girl on social media and penned a sweet tribute.

“Happy Birthday, Jilliann Louise. You bless us beyond measure with your witty personality and love for your family. Being your mom is my favorite job ever! Tamara wrote.

She ended the Instagram post with a bible quote, writing: “Children are a gift from the Lord.; they are a reward from him – Psalm 127.”

The doting mom posted a photo of her daughter looking adorable in a pink and purple glitter dress and had her hair tied in a plaited ponytail. Jillian beamed at the camera while holding a stuffed bunny animal.

The youngest member of the Strait family posed in front of helium balloons with the words “Happy Birthday” on them. She stood on top of a beige and red rug.

George’s Bonding with Grandson George Strait III
George is a father to son George Strait Jr. and late daughter Jenifer Strait whom he shares with his wife of 51 years, Norma Strait. The couple tied the knot in 1971 and welcomed their first child, Jenifer, a year later in October 1972.

Their second and youngest child son – George Jr., aka Bubba – arrived almost ten years later in 1981. George Jr. is married to his wife of 12 years, Tamara, and they share two children, a daughter Jillian and a son George Strait III (Harvey).

George III shares the same name as his grandad; like him, he is also a cowboy. The Walmart commercial clip for George senior’s studio album, Cold Beer Conversation, showed him, his son, and his grandson wearing cowboy hats while sitting on the front porch.

In December 2017, Tamara shared an image of her son holding a crossbow and revealed it was a holiday gift: “My son sighting in his @parkerbows crossbow he received for Christmas. He could do this all day.”

In February 2020, the loving mom wished her child a happy eighth birthday in an Instagram post alongside a snapshot of George III wearing cowboy boots, a hat, a pair of jeans, and a purple shirt. He was pictured at a horse ranch.

When the youngster turned nine in February 2021, his mother posted a photo of him fishing. George III was photographed sitting on a camp chair while holding a fishing rod and facing away from the camera.

George Was Proud to Announce His Granddaughter’s Birth
Meanwhile, George Sr. proudly announced the arrival of his second grandchild (his grandson’s younger sister), Jillian, on September 10, 2016 – on the George website. When the music producer’s granddaughter turned four years old, her mother gushed about her on social media:

“God blessed our family with Jilli. She has made our family complete!”

Tamara wrote a lengthy post expressing love for her daughter while showing appreciation to “God” for blessing her with a daughter. The mother of two shared a snap of her infant child asleep, donning a bow while wrapped up.

Jillian turned five years old in September 2021, and her mom paid tribute to her on Instagram alongside a picture showing only her side view. Tamara spoke highly of her daughter, sharing that she was a young, fearless, and reserved individual with sensitivity and a great sense of humor.

“Happy Birthday, Jilli! You are shy yet bold. You are sensitive yet funny. You make this world a better place. God has big plans for you,” she wrote. The real estate agent added she could not wait to witness what the world has in store for her little girl as she grows up.

Recently, Tamara revealed that Jilliann supported her grandfather at one of his concerts. She posted a picture of the youngster on her Instagram Story, who was having a meal at the event while donning her jean jacket with embroidered details on it. The image also featured fans at the concert, and Tamera captioned it, “She stole my jacket.”

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