Girl despises new teacher because he gives her bad grades, calls him “my second father” years later – Story of the Day

A young girl despises her new righteous teacher who doesn’t give her A’s on her classwork or fall for her tricks, but years later she realizes that he had taught her so much in life and he’s no less than a “second father” to her was.

Isabelle always got what she wanted. She was the prettiest cheerleader in school, with a long line of guys waiting to date her. She was extra nice to the teachers to convince them to give her good grades and she wanted to be part of the “cool” girls club at school.

The fathers of these girls were wealthy businessmen, lawyers and politicians. They had power and money, and Isabelle wanted to be cool like them, rich and powerful like them.

One day the 16-year-old told her parents that she wanted a new car.

“Father, please?” she said. “All the kids… no one walks to school! It’s so poor! We have a good life. You make good money… Why don’t you get me a car?”

“Honey,” her father said, “your school is a short walk away. Besides, I think you’re too young to have a car.”

“PAPA!” Isabelle protested. “No, I’m not! I mean, all these rich girls…” and then she trailed off.

“All those rich girls?” her father asked.

A good teacher can change everything.

“Okay, well… I just want a car because I want to be friends with them, dad. They really are the most famous people in school, and I deserve to have them as friends… I want to be one of them, and I’m not asking much.”

Isabelle’s father sighed. “Honey, I don’t think you’re ready for a car. Ask your mother. And let me tell you, these friendships don’t last.”

“Mom! Come on!” Isabelle said. “I always get good grades and I’m good at sports. I deserve to have a car mom!”

Isabelle’s mother was also against buying her a car because she knew how reckless children can be when driving. But she didn’t say “no” directly.

“Alright, let’s do it like this,” she said, “how about you get good grades this year? Maybe then we can think about it?”

“Promise?” Isabelle asked. “Do you promise?”

“I guess so, honey,” her mother said, and her father nodded reluctantly.

So Isabelle needed good grades. Only then would she be able to get that car and be friends with the “cool” girls at school.

“This will be child’s play,” she thought, “perfect!”

Isabelle spent hours that evening choosing the car she wanted. She looked up driving schools near her home and how long it would take her to get a driver’s license.

A few easy good grades would do, she thought. She knew she would get them. She always did. All the teachers knew her well. they loved her.

But one day Isabelle learned that there was a new teacher, Mr. Barton, who would soon be teaching her. He was a tough nut, and he’d joined the school after one of their teachers quit.

According to the students, Mr. Barton was strict, very strict, and he did not give good grades easily. That was clear to everyone, especially after the first mission.

No one in the class got a B, and Isabelle got a B for her homework. This frightened and angered her.

“Mr Barton!” Isabelle approached him as everyone left her class. “Grade 3? Really? I deserve better.”

The older man smiled. “Really, Fraulein Fischer?” he asked. “I think I was very fair. I could have given a grade 4… But I was generous. A grade 3 is the maximum you get if you copied half of the tasks from your friends… Some of them got grade 4 .”

Isabelle blushed. “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?”

“Well, yes, I have a goal. I want my students to do better in school and in life.”

“Okay, so you really are what you say! A nut!” Isabelle said roughly. “You should quit the job or… how about we just sort this out?”

“You’re being a little too rude for your own good,” he said, “how do you fix that, Miss Fisher?” Mr. Barton asked curiously.

Isabelle took some euro notes from her backpack and slid them across Mr Barton’s table. “How about you just accept that and give me the grades I want? Look, I know teachers don’t get paid very well these days. Isn’t that a brilliant idea to solve our problem?”

“Solve OUR problem?” Mr. Barton asked calmly. “Well, I’ll accept it, Fraulein Fischer, but…”

“I knew it!” she grinned.

“If you wish private tuition,” continued Mr. Barton, “I also offer private tuition for students with difficulties and I need to discuss this with your parents. You are young, Miss. You need to focus on your life. I want mine Don’t demean students by giving them bad grades. I want them to get better, and I know you can get better Miss Fischer!”

Isabelle was angry. Mr Barton’s righteous behavior infuriated her. She decided that she would work hard on her own and get good grades. She wasn’t a bad student. She only had to work hard for a few months until the end of the school year, and she could have the car.

But Isabelle couldn’t do it alone. Mr. Barton’s duties were tough. They had to learn more than she ever had. Her grades continued to deteriorate and eventually she had to ask Mr. Barton for help.

Mr. Barton was more than happy to guide the girl. He tutored Isabelle, and with his help, she got good grades. But by the end of the school year, she no longer wanted the car. She wanted to make a name for herself and be a better version of herself like Mr. Barton had taught her.

“Knowledge is not limited to books,” he often said, “we grow every day. We learn from things around us to become a better version of ourselves. And yes, it’s important to stay true to yourself It’s important to ask yourself what you want without worrying about what others would think of you.…”

Years passed and an old Mr. Barton never forgot Isabelle Fischer. Sometimes he wondered how naïve she was to bribe him for grades. Then one day he received an invitation, a strange invitation.

“We cordially invite you to the gala dinner…””Wir laden Sie herzlich zum Galadinner ein…”

Mr. Barton was surprised, but he smiled and cried a little. His most notorious student had not forgotten him.Herr Barton war überrascht, aber er lächelte und weinte ein wenig. Seine berüchtigtste Schülerin hatte ihn nicht vergessen.

On the big day, Mr Barton donned a smart suit and arrived at the venue. He sat down and smiled proudly when he saw her. Isabelle. She also noticed him in the crowd and smiled.

“Everyone,” she said, taking the microphone and addressing the crowd. “Today is a very special day. While I’m honored to be named Best Business Woman of the Year, none of this would have been possible without the help of my second father. He’s the one who taught me that life is more than books and learning from books. He inspired me to be a better version of myself,” she added, walking up to Mr Barton and escorting him to the stage, “He’s the man who deserves that appreciation. He was nothing less than a second father to me…”

At this point, Isabelle showed the exam sheet on which she had received an A’s from Mr. Barton. She had kept him all her life. And the proud teacher burst into tears when he saw him.

“I only have one thing to say,” he said, wiping away tears, “I always knew you could do it Miss Fischer. I knew you could do it! I knew you could do better!”

What can we learn from this story?

There is no success without hard work. After crossing paths with a teacher like Mr. Barton who valued education, Isabelle learned the importance of working hard and becoming a better version of herself.
A good teacher can change everything. Mr. Barton’s righteous principles transformed the spoiled, ruthless Isabelle into a successful and humble person.

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