Girl on Crutches Helps Mom Who Can’t Afford to Buy Toy for Her Kid, Next Day Ses Herself on TV — Story of the Day

A generous young girl donated $9 of her own money to a mom who couldn’t afford to buy the toy her kid wanted. The following day, she was surprised to see herself on TV with people applauding her kind deed.

A mom took her son, Matt, to the toy store after he got straight-As for the first quarter of the school year. “I’m proud of you for keeping your grades up! Pick any toy you want,” she told him as soon as they arrived.

Excited, Matt rushed to the boys’ section, where he picked up a large remote-controlled car that he had been eyeing for a while. He walked to the counter, and the cashier prepared the toy for checkout.

When Matt’s mom, Sylvia, saw the amount she had to pay, she realized she was short $9. “I’m sorry, son, but we’re on a tight budget. I only brought enough money that we could afford. The rest must go to our bills and groceries,” she told him.

Matt frowned, and his eyes started to water. “Mom, I worked hard for this toy! You promised you’d buy me anything!” he told her.

At this point, the line behind them was starting to lengthen. The customers pretended not to pay attention to Matt and Sylvia, but they were actually glued to the conversation they were having.

“I’m sorry, son, but we can’t afford the toy right now. Can you go pick out a smaller one?”

Matt started to cry. “I can’t believe that even you can’t keep promises, mom. You were supposed to be different! Why can’t you keep your promise?” he sobbed, clutching onto the toy that he wanted to take home.

A girl on crutches was walking inside the store with her grandmother when she saw Matt begging his mom to shell out an extra nine dollars so they could take the toy home.

The girl, Mindy, felt terrible for the young boy. “Grandma, can we help him? Can we give him the nine dollars?” she said, smiling at her grandmother.

“Of course, dear. You are a kind young girl to share your blessings,” Mindy’s grandma told her as she approached the cashier.

“My granddaughter would like to pay for the remaining nine dollars. Please wrap the toy car so that this young boy can take it home,” she said as she handed the money.

Matt’s eyes widened in delight as soon as he heard this. He looked over at Mindy and waved at her. “Thank you so much. Really, thank you so much. I appreciate this more than you’ll ever know!” he said excitedly.

Mindy smiled when she saw how happy the boy was. Sylvia also approached Mindy and her grandmother, thanking them for their generosity.

“You’re welcome, dear. Just promise us that you’ll do well in school,” Mindy’s grandmother told the boy before waving goodbye.

“I’ll only get As in school, I promise!” he told them before Mindy and her grandmother made their way inside the toy store.

When they got home, Mindy and her grandmother opened the small package they got from the toy store. It was a soft stuffed animal.

“This will make me feel a lot more comfortable during my surgery,” she said, hugging the toy. “Thank you for my gift, grandma!”

Her grandmother smiled at her. “You’re welcome, sweetheart. Thank you for sharing your money with Matt at the toy store. You did the right thing.”

Mindy sat silent for a while, realizing she needed to find a way to earn nine dollars. The money she gave the boy was supposed to be part of her surgery fund, and now she had to replace it.

“I’ll go get my piggy bank, grandma. I’m sure I have more than nine dollars inside,” she said, but her grandmother quickly stopped her and told her not to worry about it. “I’ll cover the nine dollars, Mindy. Don’t you worry about it,” she said, kissing her forehead.

The following day, the girl was awakened by her grandmother calling her out to the living room. “Look, Mindy! You’re on TV!” she yelled.

Mindy got her crutches and rushed to the living room where she saw the local news station airing a video of her and her grandmother handing money to the cashier to pay for the young boy’s toy. The toy store owner wanted to reward Mindy for her kindness and asked the TV station to help him find her.

“If you’re watching this, kind girl, please come visit our store again,” the store owner said on live television.

Surprised, Mindy looked over at her grandmother, smiling from ear to ear. “Do we still have time to go to the toy store, grandma?” she asked.

“Oh, absolutely. Your surgery isn’t until tonight. Come on, get dressed so we can go to the store,” her grandmother told her.

When they got to the toy store, they were met by Sylvia, Matt, and the shop owner. “That’s her!” Matt pointed out as soon as Mindy walked in.

“Sylvia and her son Matt told me what you did for them. Thank you for your selflessness, kind girl,” the store owner, Mr. Perkins, told Mindy. “What happened to your leg?”

Mindy explained that she had gotten into an accident while riding her bike. She shared that she received a hand-me-down bike from a cousin of hers, but because it was too old, it collapsed with her weight, and it caused her to fall and break her leg.

“I’m having surgery tonight so I could walk properly again. I bought a stuffed toy yesterday so it could keep me company at the hospital,” Mindy revealed.

Mr. Perkins was surprised that there was more to Mindy’s story than her simply giving Matt some money for his toy, so he decided to do something for the kind girl. He offered to pay for her surgery in full and promised her a brand new bike from the toy store once she recovered.

True enough, the kind man kept his word. He paid for Mindy’s operation, and once she made a full recovery, he allowed her to choose any bike of her liking from the store.

Eventually, Mindy started riding the bike at the park with other children, including Matt, who became a good friend.

What can we learn from this story?

Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for that one person. Matt was heartbroken after his mom couldn’t keep her promise to buy him any toy he wanted. In the end, Mindy stepped in to help them, inspiring Matt to continue doing well in school and pay it forward.
Your kindness will find its way back to you. Mindy used a portion of the money allocated for her surgery to help a stranger. In the end, her kindness returned to her after the toy store owner offered to pay for her surgery and even gifted her a new bike.

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