“Girl Sends Letters to Late Mom Asking to Take Her Away from Aunt, Gets a Reply in Mailbox — Story of the Day “

A little girl wrote letters to her mom in heaven, begging her to take her away from her evil aunt. One day, she cried after finding a sweet reply from her “Mom” in the mailbox.


Carl Newman was on his usual day collecting and delivering mails. On that particular Thursday, he had a lot to deliver. Since a fellow mailman was on sick leave, Newman was asked to tend to a new area for two weeks. That’s when he came across little Hannah’s house.

He opened the mailbox outside her house and found nothing. He sighed and went away to deliver parcels to the neighbors. On his way back, he crossed the house with the empty mailbox, but this time, he saw a little girl putting something inside and sobbing.

“My child! What’s wrong with you?” he exclaimed and hurried to her. But the girl ran inside weeping, taking no notice of the postman approaching her. Newman opened the mailbox and found an envelope addressed, “To Mommy in Heaven.”

Curious, the postman took the letter, only to shed tears after reading its contents…

When Newman opened the mailbox, he found a letter addressed, “To Mommy in Heaven.”

“Mommy, I really miss you. ? Aunt Mary is not making my favorite apple pie.” read the first line. “She does not allow me to play with Charlotte’s dolls. And she makes me sweep the floor.”

When Hannah was 5, her mom Amelie died in a car crash. Her parents divorced when she was just one, so Hannah grew up under her mom’s wing.

“Oh my goodness! That’s wrong information…I’m her aunt, and she’s happy here… She is no different from my daughter…I’m her mother.”
Amelie’s passing a year ago placed immense distress on Hannah’s tender shoulders. Shortly after, Amelie’s older sister, Mary, inherited her house and took sole custody of Hannah.

All was well until a few months ago when Mary started to vent her childhood frustrations on her little niece.

“Your mother stole all that love from me!” she once yelled at the little girl. “Wait until you see what I am going to do to you!”

Hannah lost her mom a year ago.

As children, Mary and Amelie were equally loved by their parents. But for some reason, Mary always envied her younger sister. Amelie always had good grades and was very disciplined.

Growing up, Mary resented her sister and felt she stole everyone’s attention. But Amelie was innocent. She was kind and loving, and people liked being around her.


When Amelie died, Mary felt sorry for her little daughter. But day by day, she used the little girl’s helplessness to feed the hatred she had for her late younger sister.

Mary vented her frustrations on Hannah

Until the previous year, Hannah went to kindergarten. But after her aunt moved in, she was not sent to school. Since Amelie’s house was not based in a close-knit neighborhood, nobody knew about the evil things Mary did to her poor niece.

Hannah was not allowed to play with the toys of Charlotte, Mary’s 8-year-old daughter. She was allowed to dine after everyone else and was made to eat on the floor.

The little girl had no idea that her aunt was venting her frustrations on her. She obeyed and yearned to live a cheerful childhood. But each day, she was exposed to some new trauma. And one hurtful incident prompted her to write her first letter to her late mother.

Little Hannah was treated poorly by her aunt, Mary.

One day, Mary said she would braid Hannah’s long hair. The little girl’s beautiful tresses looked like her mom’s, which annoyed Mary.

“That hair…I always hated that long hair your mother had,” Mary grinned. “Oh, I had always wished I could just cut them off when she was asleep!”

Mary chopped Hannah’s lovely hair and let out a burst of evil laughter. “Let your mom watch this from above and weep!” she boasted.

The little girl cried inconsolably. She loved her gorgeous curls that bounced on her shoulders like waves. It was at this point that she decided to complain to her mother.

She crept into Charlotte’s room and stole some envelopes, papers, and a pencil. She then hid under her bed and began writing to her mom

Hannah wrote letters to her late mom, begging for help

Each day, Newman was curious to read a letter from little Hannah. The girl’s words were filled with several grammatical errors of a little one, but they exposed the harsh treatment she experienced from her aunt. He became teary-eyed after reading one on a random day, and he decided to find a way to comfort the little girl.

When Hannah returned to check the mailbox the next day, she was surprised to find a letter addressed to her:

“To my Little Hannah ? Darling, everyone has hard times, but you should know one thing. I’m always beside you, and you are not alone. When God takes someone away from us, He always sends an angel to us. Please cheer up. With Love, Mommy.”


Hannah was surprised as tears of joy flooded her eyes. She ran inside the house and hid the letter under her bed. Then she looked around, assuming her mom was beside her. She opened the windows and looked outside for angels. Although she found nothing, she was overly carried away and comforted after hearing from her late mom in heaven.

But to her dismay, her aunt’s antics didn’t end.

Out of desperation, Hannah wrote to her mom asking to take her away from Mary

The next day, Newman found another letter in the letterbox. “Mommy, you said you are with me, but I can’t see you,” read the letter.

“Please take me away from aunt Mary…I don’t like her because she always shouts at me…I said I was hungry, and she locked me in my room the whole night without giving me anything to eat.”

Newman was furious. “This has to end!” he exclaimed and immediately contacted Child Services. Based on the information he provided and the letters, the authorities rushed to Hannah’s house for investigation

Newman was crushed after reading Hannah’s letter.

“Oh my goodness! That’s wrong information…I’m her aunt, and she’s happy here,” Mary exclaimed when a representative from Child Services unexpectedly showed up at her house. “She is no different from my daughter…I’m her mother.”

But when one of the officers took little Hannah aside for a word in private, the girl sobbed and disclosed everything.

“…and she makes me sit on the floor for dinner…she cut my long hair,” the girl sobbed.

Meanwhile, Newman had already approached the local court and began the formalities to adopt Hannah legally. When the judge asked him why he wanted to take the girl under his wing, he disclosed a crushing truth.

“My wife and I have been married for 11 years, but we don’t have a child,” he said. “We were waiting for a miracle; to me, this little child is that miracle we longed for.”

Newman & his wife had no children for 11 years

Shortly after, Mary was summoned to bring Hannah to court regarding the adoption. She eventually agreed to give her niece up. Since the abuse charges against her were proven, she had to pay a substantial fine and face charges.

Newman and his wife were delighted when they took little Hannah with them. After a long time, the girl smiled and ran about in freedom.

“Do I get to play with those dolls?” she asked Mrs. Newman after seeing a massive shelf piled with stuffed toys and dolls.

“Yes, darling! Those are for you!” she said.

The sparkle in Hannah’s eyes felt as though she had returned to her good old days with her mom Amelie. She got two loving parents in her life who were ready to do anything to see that precious smile on her face.

The next day, Newman saw Hannah put a letter in the mailbox outside their house and run inside giggling. Curious, he took it out and read it.

“Mommy! You said God gives us only one angel, but I got 2…I love them…Please tell God that I thanked Him…Love you :)”

Newman was touched. He felt a beautiful melody playing in his heart. “Love you too!” he whispered as tears of joy gushed down his eyes.

In the end, Hannah landed in a beautiful nest with parents who loved her.

What can we learn from this story?

God never leaves his children alone, no matter what. After her mom’s death, Hannah entered a world of nightmares after her aunt took her in. But ultimately, God helped her find a loving family that took her under their wing.

If God takes something away from you, He always gives something back. Hannah was devastated after her mom died. But later, she was sent to a family of two adorable parents who adopted her.

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